KARA Bring Out The Biggest Bows Of Your Life For ‘In Love’ Teaser Photos


Shambling K-Pop zombie KARA is set to make their ‘In Love’ comeback on May 26th and the quartet released some individual concept teasers for their upcoming effort.

The teaser images seem to confirm a couple of things. One, the single is probably called “Cupid” based on the group teaser picture. Second, KARA sacrificed half of the world’s bow population to make their outfits.

Poor Youngi probably needed to go see a chiropractor after wearing this.


Meanwhile, Seungyeon appears to be one-third human, two-thirds helium.


I am almost completely sure that these bows weigh more than Hara.


Goddess Gyuri looks as flawless as always but the bow on her back is big enough to be a set of wings.


KARA is one of the groups that first got me into K-Pop so I always root for their releases to go well. Hopefully. as is often the case with concept photos, these will not be indicative of the actual concept for their comeback music video. KARA seems to do dance pop and tissue-soft pop in equal measure so it’s hard to predict what the heck these fairy/doll/Honey-I-Shrunk-The-KARA-get-ups are for at this point. The group’s last single, Mamma Mia, was some rolicking good disco fun but it failed to latch on with the K-Pop consuming public.


One comment

  1. Damaged Lady came up on my shuffle yesterday and it made me kind of sad that we probably won’t hear anything that good from this Kara. Such a good song.

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