Waifu Wednesday: Moonbyul

moonbyul ww cover

Moon Byul Yi (better known by her stage name Moonbyul) is a South Korean idol rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the main rapper and main dancer of K-Pop group-on-the-rise-if-there-is-a-wise-powerful-benevolent-deity Mamamoo.

Admittedly, it’s hard for me to say much about Moonbyul considering that Mamamoo’s track record isn’t very long yet. What I can say is that “Mr. Ambiguous” was fantastic (“Piano Man” and the more recent “Ahh Oop!” with eSNa makes me feel VERY optimistic about Mamamoo’s future as well) and Moonbyul was responsible for the creation of that song’s particularly fun choreography. To top it all off, her rap game is actually fairly good and works remarkably well as a contrast point to Mamamoo’s bluesy sound. As if it were any surprise given her titles and her choreography credit, Moonbyul has moves too.

So, yeah. Moonbyul is cool and pretty and this post is all about that.


Moonbyul is so unbelievably cool that she is the new absolute zero.

I would like to place a call.


Moonbyul is so hot that souls report that hell is “slightly drafty” by comparison.

Gotta appreciate the selca game.

Gotta appreciate the selca game.

Moonbyul’s beauty has started wars in different historical eras.

All black everything.

All black everything.

Moonbyul’s moves are so slick, they’re classified as a driving hazard.

Star status confirmed.

Star status confirmed.

Moonbyul is so cute that puppies make their own sub-forums about her.

Like a baws.

Like a baws.


fan spazz



  1. Next waifu would be Hwa Sa or i will kill you with Moon byul’s raps.

    1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

      Moon Byul is my favorite, Hwa Sa is my bf’s so another vote for Hwasa.

      1. Oh god, this is going to start a month-long run on Mamamoo, isn’t it?

      2. waifu-worthy members with artemis’s voices on the run. Who doesn’t want?

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    This is one of the few newer groups I like. Ahh Oop is a great track. And Esna’s revamped version to the haters is pretty funny.

  3. Mr.Ambiguous was very good but like many of their other songs, I find myself losing interest the more I listened. Mamamoo is extremely talented but I somehow just can’t get behind their musical style, which very much blends in R&B and Jazz.
    Not a hater but when I listen to K-Pop, I’m mostly seeking Pop music plus some Hip-hop, Rock & EDM, and a decidedly less soulful sound. One man’s meat…
    Also, Solar for WW.

    1. I’m kind of with you somewhat on this. So far for me this group is like Sistar – I recognize their talent, but none of their songs really do it for me. I don’t mind the bluesiness (I kind of like more variation in my Kpop), it’s just none of their songs have has made me want to buy them. Hopefully that will change.

    2. I feel the same way. Weirdly, though, there’s not a lot of overlap between the kpop groups I stan most and the ones whose music I like most. I listen to a lot of T-ara, f(x), and Orange Caramel, but I don’t care a whole lot about their members. My two ultimate biases are Kim Boa and Hwasa, but I don’t listen to Spica and Mamamoo very often. Go figure.

      Speaking of which, I second the request for a Hwasa WW. PINK PANTIES!

  4. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Glad to see the love for Mamamoo!
    Moonstar is so friggin awesome.

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