Review: Hyosung – “Into You” Is A Stunning Video With A Song That Can’t Keep Up


Apologies for not having this one done earlier (stupid cold). Without further ado, let’s jump into Hyosung’s much anticipated solo effort “Into You,” her solo followup to the musically average and visually astounding “Good-night Kiss.”

“Into You” attempts to be a breezy summer pop jam but it too often strays towards “breezy” and never really attempts to jam. The sexy synth line that kicks off the track is fairly promising but it is quickly relegated to backing noise for a far less captivating bass, snare line and intermittent horns that create an agreeably cheerful, if somewhat impact-less, sound. Whenever the horns or sliding synth riff are given more prominence, “Into You” comes alive but unfortunately the song only chooses to go in that direction in the intro and when it finally lets loose a little at and following the bridge. Everything in between sounds like lukewarm filler.



Part of that falls on Hyosung. As glorious as she is on screen (more unintelligible spazzing on that in a bit), her voice doesn’t really have a signature imprint that makes “Into You” memorable. Sure, she can sing well and her attempt at rapping in “Into You” is similarly passable and inoffensive but there really isn’t a “Hyosung sound” that grabs the listener’s attention and doesn’t let go. A beat as laissez-faire as “Into You” needs a vocalist who can stamp their imprint all over it and Hyosung doesn’t quite display a signature style or range that makes “Into You” very interesting.



Now, the video on the other hand, well… aside from the odd framing of the video being from some dusty, creepy VCR room, “Into You” is well aware what an asset Hyosung is in front of the camera. TS Entertainment seems so cognizant of what a draw Hyosung is that they seem to have just said “Fuck it, just grab whatever outfits we have in the back and let’s roll” when it comes to the video’s concept. There is little coherency in Hyosung’s wardrobe and the video’s direction doesn’t even try to make sense of all the various sets and scenes that it places Hyosung in. The entire enterprise rests on Hyosung’s ability to make an audience forget that what they’re watching doesn’t make a lick of sense and still gladly submit themselves for the ride in spite of that fact. And you know what? It works. The blatant, often borderline hilarious, T&A fan service works because Hyosung is so god damn impossible and the video doesn’t even try to stand on (or distract from) anything else. “Into You” is so forward with what its intentions of being an alter to Hyosung’s attractiveness that, for better and worse, it nearly succeeds in making one forget that there’s a song attached to it in the first place.

Like her previous single “Good-night Kiss,” “Into You” is a somewhat mediocre single that is helped immensely by the visual product that accompanies it. As far as releases go, “Into You” isn’t a home run. It plays things safe with the beat and Hyosung’s range as a singer. It goes the obvious sexy route with the video. Admittedly, as far as calculations go, that’s a hard formula to mess up. Indeed, I’m not sure it CAN be messed up. However, it would be nice if a Hyosung-led song could captivate as easily as a Hyosung-led video so obviously does. (I’ll even take a creepy ass doll if it means a visually interesting concept.)



  1. Shadow · · Reply

    There was music?

    While I love this girl, admittedly she really is not that talented. But those knockers are something else. Just take this video, put it on mute, and play your favorite song while watching Hyosung dance around in a leather harness.

    Life is good.

  2. Good review. I agree that even her boobies (as glorious as they are) cannot save this mediocre song.
    Also “altar” instead of “alter”, but you’re excused because no one can write or type coherently after whatching tat veedeo.

    1. Nice catch. I will edit when I am not knocked up on some sleepy time meds.

  3. Yea, the star of this show was certainly her *ahem* assets. They certainly do know “what sells”. Mediocre track though… & the car wash scene was not just a tease, but more of a red-herring since it seemed to last all of 10 seconds (& was of course one of the reasons I & many others watched it).

    Needless to say, although I she IS very attractive & those *assets* are _almost_ unmatched in kpop, this video will not be one that is saved in a favorites playlist.

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