Microsoft App Reveals That Amber Is Actually A Preschooler

The Microsoft app, despite it’s AOL-ian branding, has become a big hit with the internet because there’s nothing that greases the wheels of social media like the excuse to post yet more pictures of one’s self.

Still, the app can be amusing, especially when it doesn’t work as intended. f(x)’s rapper and all-around-cool-person Amber posted a shot from the How-Old.met app of herself, Krystal, Victoria and Luna on Twitter. Guess what stands out.

Now, the app was off by a whole adult when it came to Amber (she is 22) but let’s examine the other three before we come down too hardly on a facial recognition app that scanned the face of a woman and found a preschooler. miraculously guessed Krystal’s age correctly. It was only off by three years when it came to guessing Luna’s age which might as well be accurate given the Amber Grading Curve. One can even forgive the app for thinking that Victoria is 22 because she’s actually an immortal vampire who will outlive this entire planet and still look utterly flawless while doing so*.

Lastly, that’s a nearly unrecognizable picture of Amber and a less silly picture could garner more accurate results. Sure, I could see that being a reasonable hypoth…

amberliu Oh, god damn it. YOU HAD ONE JOB HOW-OLD.NET.

*Victoria is somehow really 28 years old.

** I had planned on doing a review of BESTie’s “Excuse Me” but I’m sick and thinking hard about anything is annoyingly difficult right now. Long story short, “Excuse Me” is a cute, forgettable jam that tries way too hard to make “excuse me” into a hook (the members look great though). Feel free to comment on that release below as well. Now, off for some Tylenol and a nap.



  1. clrfcation · · Reply

    uh….the dudes in excuse me were surprisingly dedicated to their perverted act. the see-through tops are cute. the other outfit sucks.

    1. I just didn’t like the flaps or whatever were on those shorts.

  2. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    A) Luna looks gorgeous! The entire timeline of f(x) has been a complete cluster and I fear that we have lost some great talents in the process.
    B) Did I miss any announcements? Is Sulli officially out or on hiatus or whatever they call it these days.

    1. Luna seemed to hint that she’s coming back soon in an Instagram comment she made.

  3. “Excuse Me” was disappointing, considering some of their earlier work was pretty darn good.
    Ironic since their former band-mates from EXID are currently on a roll. C’est La Vie.
    Take care and get well soon.

    1. I thought it was OK, but I wasn’t immediately looking to replay the song after it was over.

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