BESTie Masterfully Explains See-Through Shirts As Art For “Excuse Me”


One of the best things about K-Pop sexy concepts is how labels and groups will often tie themselves into knots to try and explain how their concepts are so much more than simple sexy concepts.

Today’s flawless dissertation in “it’s-sexy-but-in-a-way-that-is-totally-innocent-and-about-showing-a-different-side.doc” comes courtesy of BESTie and their impending “Excuse Me” music video release, who managed to draw attention to their bras by making their see-through shirts into some statement about seeing into someone’s soul or something.

So when they were asked about the concept behind their outfits this time, they said, “We went with a ‘see-through’ idea to relate to how you can see someone’s inner motives when you wear those special glasses (in our MV), but you can’t when you don’t wear them. So when you see our album jacket photos, we seem like we’re covered up. When you look from away, it looks like just a t-shirt, but when you look closely, you can see our undergarments. We included that see-through theme [to relate to our song concept].”

The best part about this is that the shirts don’t reveal much of anything. In fact, without the convoluted “concept” explanation, I’m not sure BESTie’s tops and what can be seen underneath them would have been commented on at all.

I no longer know what counts as shorts.

I no longer know what counts as shorts.

Well played, BESTie. It takes a sort of PR jujitsu to be able to blatantly trumpet a group’s undergarments without seeming overly thirsty or creepy.


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  1. Shadow · · Reply

    It doesn’t take much to see my inner motives looking at beautiful girls, in skimpy outfits, dancing around seductively.

    I’m ready for a BESTie comeback.

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