Any personal fears that a demonic voodoo doll of evil intent would derail Hyosung’s upcoming solo release can be put to rest.

Hyosung’s video teaser for title track “Into You” is doll-free and filled to the brim with… well… everything that one could want out of a Hyosung production.

Weep, for K-Pop has been conquered.

Sure, the whole “dingy room with a VCR” is a little creeper-like but having Hyosung essentially jack Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” hair dye and white crop tank top and jean shorts combo is pretty much blatant pandering perfectly on point for summer.

The synth heavy beat of the teaser is gleefully funky and a nice contrast to the cooler dance pop of “Good-night Kiss.” Sure, there’s not even a hint of what Hyosung will sound like on the track but I really do hope that this is a sample of the main beat because it’s absolute fire (That’s what the kids are calling cool these days right? Fire is the new cool?).

Also, the choreography will apparently be something to look out for, so there should be more to this whole production than Hyosung rubbing suds all over a car and leaning over in increasingly improbable ways.

Remember, her choreography is said to have been created by some of the top choreographers in the country, so we can expect some fantastic performances to come our way!

Now, if only I could shake the thought that the music video is framed around some stalker’s fapping material, we’d be golden.



  1. For a second I thought she was hitting a joint when they first showed her blowing bubbles. Now that would have been something.

  2. Shadow · · Reply

    “so there should be more to this whole production than Hyosung rubbing suds all over a car and leaning over in increasingly improbable ways.”

    Don’t need a music video. This is enough.

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