Waifu Wednesday: Haeryung

haeryung ww cover

Na Hae Ryung (better known by her stage name Haeryung) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and actor. She is best known for being the maknae and “face” of K-Pop girl group BESTie and for formerly being a member of EXID.

Like her groupmates Uji and Hyeyeon, Haeryung started off her K-Pop career with EXID before leaving that group soon after it debuted to pursue a career in acting (or to jump ship after EXID’s tepid debut). However, one year later Haeryung and the other two EXID defectors would reunite along with the insanely pretty Dahye to form BESTie in 2013. Unfortunately, in a twist of fate, BESTie could only watch as EXID and the mythical creature named Hani would improbably become a sensation thanks to viral sensation “Up & Down” while BESTie’s own singles would struggle to get similar attention. Still, while we may all wonder what might have been had Haeryung stuck with EXID, we should all be thankful that BESTie allows for her to grace the stage. From my admittedly limited exposure to the group, she’s a fine singer and dancer and it’s certainly not surprising that she was quickly ushered back into K-Pop so soon after leaving EXID behind.

She can also throw a first pitch over the plate, so props to her for that.

For all those reasons and more, here is your designated space to spazz out about Haeryung.


Haeryung is so pretty, she may just be a composite of all angels in heaven.

Could melt me in a blizzard.

Could melt me in a blizzard.

Haeryung is so stunning that she may be responsible for half the world’s energy.

Working them overalls.

Working them overalls.

Haeryung’s talents are so glorious the Greeks wrote poems about them.

Must... cool... off.

Must… cool… off.

Haeryung could dazzle a room full of rocks.

The cuteness hurts.

The cuteness hurts.

Haeryung is a compelling case for there being goodness on this rock.

The wink is real.

The wink is real.


happy happy gif


One comment

  1. She’s pretty but the girl seriously needs more rice cakes in her diet.

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