Creepy Ass Doll Is The Most Intriguing/Horrifying Thing About Hyosung’s ‘Fantasia’ Teaser Images

Over the past week, SECRET’s Jeon Hyosung has released two teaser images for her upcoming ‘Fantasia’ mini-album.

The first placed a huge emphasis on Hyosung’s cleavage a fucking scary Ken-like doll that looks like a cross between Jeff Daniels’ character from Dumb & Dumber and a Playboy mansion attendee.

hyosung fantasia 1

A huge NOPE placed prominently in front of a huge YASE.

Devoid of any context, there are few things more frightening than the soulless eyes of a doll. Combine it with the headless nature of Hyosung in the image and you have my nightmare for the past five days.

Not helping matters is the second teaser that was released on Monday. Unlike the previous teaser, this one features “color” but keeps Hyosung in a mostly pale and white palette. Again, that godforsaken doll with its godforsaken hair and Hugh Hefner-inspired suit take center stage.

It's like Saw but prettier.

It’s like Saw but prettier.

To be honest, I like the strange point of view that this project looks to be taking. Going for the sexy Hyosung route would have been undoubtedly easier but it would have been a tad redundant given “Good-night Kiss” and this seems like it could shape up to be something unique. Hopefully, whatever music video this spawns ends with Hyosung destroying the shit out of that doll though. That shit needs to go so I can sleep in peace.



  1. Voodoo doll for punishing naughty oppa? Or Hyosung has doll so don’t need no oppa? Whatever. The more Hyosung the better.

    1. That last part is the best thing to take away from this whole creepy doll thing.

  2. I’d give damn near anything to be where that doll is in between Hyosung’s breasts.

    Looking forward to her next release. Do like the creep factor, but it’ll probably turn out to be a ballad with the video in a field of flowers.

    1. Ugh, I hate it because you’re most likely right.

  3. How is this her 1st mini album? What was ‘Good-night Kiss’ on then?

    1. Top Secret was considered a single album. Fantasia is considered a mini-album. I’m not sure how the designations are made but a mini-album contains more tracks than a single album.

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