IU’s Soju Commercials Could Be Banned (For Pretty Good, If Entirely Non-Scandalous Reasons)


I had originally wanted to go with a click-baity headline like “IU’s Soju CFs Ruled To Be Too Scandalous For Nation’s Youth” but chickened out thought better of it.

In a move that, well, kinda makes sense, Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has passed an amendment to a bill that will prohibit celebrities under the age of 24 from endorsing alcoholic beverages. The intent behind the amendment is to prohibit young celebrities from influencing young people to buy (wonderful, wonderful) liver poison.

According to the revised bill, any alcohol related advertisements featuring spokespeople under the age of 24 are banned from appearing in any form. While a ban on “spokespeople who are significant to and can have a strong effect on young people” had originally been under discussion, the vague definition of such a ban ultimately led to the decision to base the restriction on age.

While the bill was originally conceived as a response to Kim Yuna’s Hite advertisements back in 2012, 21-year-old IU could be the first celebrity to see her soju CFs disappear from Korean airwaves.

While one could argue about undue censorship and what not, I think that it’s a fine idea to limit who or what can endorse certain (potentially addictive/deadly) goods. As much as everyone hates to admit it, advertising does affect how we view the world and it’s not like the US hasn’t banned certain practices when it comes to advertising dangerous products to young people.

Oh look, it's IU's uglier, dumber American counterpart.

Oh look, it’s IU’s uglier, dumber American counterpart.

In the meantime, here are a few of the stupidly cute CFs that would be banned under the new law (which is either already a law or a part of a bill depending on your source).

Huh, I have a strange and totally inexplicable craving for a soju cocktail. Be right back. *Makes note to self to give “Good Day” another spin as well


One comment

  1. What a stupid law made by short-sighted, lazy people. I’m of the generation that grew up with Joe Camel. It most certainly didn’t affect me to want to buy cigarettes or think they’re cool. It’s ridiculous that governments want to parent adults and children with silly bans. Education and parenting are what are needed, not bans. Besides, soju takes like crap. Nobody enjoys soju, its just cheap garbage to get drunk, just like the garbage beer that Kim Yuna advertised. The kids in Korea buying alcohol and cigarettes are either losers or stressed out of their minds and wanting a release, maybe both. They’re certainly not trying to party like IU and Kim Yuna.

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