Waifu Wednesday: Raina

raina flashback

Oh Hye Rin (better known by her stage name Raina) is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is best known for being the (rightful) main vocalist of After School and the leader of After School’s clearly superior sub-unit Orange Caramel.

Oddly enough, Raina apparently started off her K-Pop career training to be a rapper of all things under JYP Entertainment. Luckily for everyone, she was later picked up by Pledis Entertainment who saw girl’s true gift for singing and placed her into After School, where she debuted for the group’s second single, “Because of You” (a single that After School has yet to top). Since then, whenever After School has needed someone to actually belt a note, they’ve rightfully turned to Raina. It’s only right and fitting that she close out After School’s appearances on Waifu Wednesday (you know, until Pledis “graduates” and adds a gajillion new members).


Raina is so talented that her voice turns objects to gold.

She's also a hypnotist.

She’s also a hypnotist.

Raina is so dumbfoundingly pretty that she can only be described in grunts.

Somehow making the duck face work.

Somehow making the duck face work.

Raina’s beauty is more awe-inspiring than a unicorn riding a dragon riding a phoenix.

Flashback was a good era.

Flashback was a good era.

Raina could bring nations to their knees by singing a nursery rhyme.

Bang bang.

Bang bang.

Raina is so good at her job that Pledis should erect several statues in her honor.

Front and center, as she should be.

Front and center, as she should be.


conan happy



  1. clrfcation · · Reply

    Raina has come a long way from her Because of You days :’)

    For one brief second I thought I actually went to Kpopalypse’s blog…

    I’m curious about what you think of Dal Shabet’s new song? Woohee looks cute.

    1. Kinda liked the song but didn’t think it was anything special, found the video to be slightly stale in light of how many damn similar concepts there are out there. Group looked amazing and yes, Woohee was unbelievably cute for such a sexy concept. Thanks for reminding me though! More Dal Shabet for Waifu Wednesday needs to happen.

  2. Holy shit! I thought you would have featured her a long time ago. Absolutely one of my favorite Kpop performers. Great voice, cute as a button, and yeah, Because of You is in my top two or three Kpop songs ever mainly, um, because of her. If you’ve never checked out OC’s Cry you should immediately. She really shines on it.

    1. Haha, I actually had to go back and check to make sure that I hadn’t done Raina already. With you on “Because of You,” it is one of my favorite jams.

  3. Raina and Yoo Ara of Hello Venus does a rendition of “First Love” which is incredible.

  4. She is a cute little chipmunk. I still remember my surprise at finding out she wasn’t AS or even OC maknae.

    Btw, Yellowslug, are you going to write something on Red Velvet?

    1. He might have to tell them apart first or it could be a collective post.

      1. Lol, yeah. Truth be told, I haven’t given Red Velvet much attention but I’m sure that’s bound to change this year.

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