Wang Fei Fei’s “Only You” Dance Clip Is Gifted To Planet Earth After “Only You” Reaches 10 Million Views

miss a fei colors 1

In celebration of “Only You” reaching 10 million views on YouTube, Wang Fei Fei and the other three beings that constitute miss A have released the actual video that matters – a Wang Fei Fei solo dance clip of the song.

As far as a marketing strategy, I’m not sure if this is the wisest way to go about things. Why should we have to view a three-and-a-half minute Wang Fei Fei teaser ten million times to gain the privilege of viewing the one-and-a-half minute tribute to flawlessness? I don’t get it.

The only knock against this is that it’s just a short snippet of the song itself. To be the “Only One” one’s true music video, JYP Entertainment should have filmed enough to fill up three and a half minutes an hour a year however big the internet is the song’s entire run time. Give all Fei all the time please.

This, forever and ever.

This, forever and ever.



  1. Meh. Too many clothes, not enough light and no Min. 6/10.

    1. YOU’RE SIX OUT OF TEN. (Agreed on the lighting/smoke. The clothes are perfect in my opinion and that’s not Fei-bias).

      Maybe Min will get her own when another view count milestone is reached?

      1. She has her own already. It’s dark and smoky and she is overdressed also. But Min, so 9/10. I’m too lazy to link it.

        Oh, and I’ll take 6/10. Nicest thing someone has said about me in ages!

      2. Huh had no idea. I only saw the Fei one.

  2. Fei delivers better than she should. Nothing new, but still to be rejoiced in.

    in other news, your man crush #1 has gotten himself instagram and promptly spammed the web with like minutely updates or something.

    1. Dear lord, that’s almost 50 posts yesterday alone. I am oddly fascinated by that output and wary of following him on my own account at the same time.

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