SNSD’s Yuri Is Also In A Relationship, World Continues To Spin

yuri snsd

SM Entertainment has confirmed that SNSD’s Yuri is in a relationship with baseball player Oh Seung Hwan.

Apparently, the two have been spotted together since November of last year but SM Entertainment states that the two of them met last month.

The label said, “They met each other at the end of last month at a meeting with mutual friends. They’re getting to know each other and like each other.

To be honest, I had kind of forgotten that Yuri wasn’t in a confirmed relationship (it’s not like she’s the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth member to have a relationship aired out in the media within the past few years). At least Yuri bagged herself an athlete which will (hopefully) allow her to avoid the netizen crazy that would have befallen her if she dated someone from, say, EXO.

Plus, they look cute together! Hell, the two of them probably play baseball together in some literal field of pearly dreams. Unlike some of her peers, Yuri has demonstrated a killer pitching motion in the past.

Basically, wake me from my stupor when Seo-bot finishes building her perfect mate in whatever laboratory she has it stored in.



  1. It’s not surprising that Yuri would date an athlete since she is such a workout and yoga fiend. The only three members that aren’t officially dating someone likely are dating except perhaps Seohyun. Hyoyeon has dated folks in the past and may be dating someone currently and that would be no surprise. Sunny is in the same boat. In both cases they either aren’t serious enough with someone to go public or have been able to maintain their privacy. The thing that scares me about Seohyun is the laser focus she will likely have when she finally decides it is time to date. Poor guys won’t know what hit them. They will go on a date and suddenly realize that they are married and it has gone according to Emperor Palpatine’s…er, Empress Seohyun’s…plan, and once she set her sights on the guy he was fated to marry her as she bent the world to her will.

    Also, for all the YongSeo shippers out there, that isn’t happening. That “ship” sailed already. I’d be very surprised if Seohyun ended up with someone in the entertainment business that was a performer. She seems like she would be more attracted to someone with a promising business, bureaucratic/political, or intellectual career that won’t be off put when she becomes the President of South Korea all according to her plan…lol.

  2. Wow… I was really disappointed when I saw a clip of Sunny throwing a first pitch & she didn’t nail it. I figured that there was nothing that girl couldn’t do. BUT, she flubbed it like almost all the others. Good for Yuri.

    1. I wonder if Seohyun has thrown a first pitch. She’d probably practice and practice until she could do it well

      Yuri is pretty athletic. It’s too bad that she can’t go on idol Olympics on her own. it would be nice to see how she stacks up with athletic idols like Bora and Hara.

      1. Seohyun would probably put together her own analytics department to dissect the optimal first pitch months before she would agree to do one.

      2. Seohyun doesn’t need an analytics department. She’ll just do that herself and save the money paying them. Remember she is notoriously thrifty.

    2. Well, to be fair to all first pitch participants, it’s not like they probably put in a ton of practice for it.

      They all can’t be Wang Fei Fei, after all:

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Apparently this guy is a really good reliever/closer. Good for Yul, at least she’s not “dating” a boy from EXO.

    1. And sports fans are only slightly less bonkers than K-Pop fans!

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