Diplo Confirms That CL’s Upcoming Album Will Include Surefire Trainwreck “Dr. Pepper”


Late last year, a small video surfaced of someone who sounded a lot like CL “rapping” the phrase Dr. Pepper repeatedly over a bad, dumb beat.

It was pretty awful.

Now, that could have been a early demo of what will hopefully be a much more, erhm, well thought out single. However, it now appears that the leaked snippet isn’t some placeholder. Diplo recently confirmed in an interview with iHeartRadio that he did work with CL on her upcoming American rap album and one of the songs that will debut next month is called “Dr. Pepper.”

Did I mention that it will feature OG Maco and Riff Raff? It’ll feature OG Maco and Riff Raff.

Per Asian Junkie:

Also, CL‘s album —  I’m working really closely on. She’s a Korean pop star that sings and raps. She’s on Skrillex and me’s ‘Dirty Vibe’ song. She’s just, awesome. I’m so proud of the stuff we did, she’s really cool. We have a song coming out next month, with me, her, Riff Raff, and OG Maco, and it’s a rap song, called “Dr. Pepper.” It’s really cool.”

Yes, nothing says “really cool” like a try-hard nursery rhyme about soda.

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper

Chilling in the freezer

When I’m under pressure

I put it on ice, bitch

Dr. Pepper

I will say that the confirmed addition of Riff Raff to this apparent clusterfuck makes me oddly excited to see the final product. Riff Raff AND CL on the same track?


No words required.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Jeremy Scott wet dream.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I’ll file this in the I couldn’t possibly care any less category. C.L. does look hot in the top pic though.

    1. Yeah, no shit. It doesn’t even really look like her.

  2. Ugh! Here I was hoping that CL was going to put together a respectable effort with some singles with lyrics with meaning like “Ugly.” At least the song isn’t set to the tune from the Dr. Pepper “Be a Pepper” commercials from thee 80’s and 90’s. Still is something like that the best that these supposed top DJ’s can do. Honestly, I don’t now how DJ’s suddenly started being considered artists since all they do is piggyback on the original works of others for the most part. Man, I hope this is just a silly track they added as a bonus (Kind of like when Van Halen added an acapella version of “Happy Trails” by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to the very end of the album Diver Down) and that there is actual meat to the album outside of this. A single like Dr. Pepper could set Asians and Asian-Americans back musically almost as much as William Hung did on American Idol with his god awful performance.

    1. Morixxy · · Reply

      Dude this is CL we’re talking about. Does that even sound like a serious rap? Come on people they even put it on Snapchat they were most likely joking around. Wtf kinda of artist do you people think she is???

      1. Dunno, sounds like the song is shaping up to be what all the leaks made it out to be.

  3. Just saying, Dr. Pepper is a Diplo release, it’s most likely not going to be on her album…

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