SECRET’s Hyosung Is Coming For All Of Your May Comebacks

hyosung scrt star 1 yase cover

K-Pop groups and solo acts who are making their comebacks in May, you have been forewarned. Jeon Hyosung is releasing a mini-album next month.

It will be the SECRET star and lingerie-selling magician‘s first solo mini-album in her career. The lead single, entitled “Hitmaker” will be produced by Duble Sidekick. She has apparently been preparing this album for the past year (or about a whole year longer than Girl’s Day’s Minah probably prepared for hers).

A representative of Hyosung’s agency shared, “Hyosung prepared for the past year for her upcoming solo album. Please look forward to Hyosung’s musical development as well as her various unique charms that she hasn’t been able to show through Secret’s promotions.”

If “Hitmaker” is a knockout single, and the video is anywhere near as good as “Good-night Kiss,” I may have to start making my own funeral arrangements.

God bless you "Good-night Kiss"

God bless you “Good-night Kiss”



  1. I love Hyosung.

    The dance practice video of “Good Night Kiss” rocks.

    1. drats. gonna try one more time.

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