Waifu Wednesday: Ayeon

ayeon cover ww

Ayeon is a Korean pop singer and drummer. She is best known for being the hot drummer and leader of very hot band trio Bebop.

Bepop is a relatively new band (they debuted last February) so I don’t know much about the group or their talented and unfairly hot drummer Ayeon. All I can say is that when I see something like this, I can completely understand why someone would take notice of Bebop. There’s stuff like this:

Or this:

Or this because it’s a freaking Beatles song being performed by a K-Pop band:

Basically, the world never had a chance. Ayeon is everything the world could desire and never deserve. If she was a religion, I’d be an acolyte. Everything about her is my Kryptonite and I welcome my sweet, sweet indoctrination into all things Ayeon.

Thanks to Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts for the suggestion.


Ayeon is so hot that she’s overheating the internet.

Hello nurse.

Hello nurse.

Ayeon is basically the amalgamation of humanity’s greatness.

We are not worthy.

We are not worthy.

Ayeon’s prettiness rivals that of a pond in a desert.



Ayeon is so talented that her resume runs several tomes long.

Getting possible concussions from all these KOs.

Getting possible concussions from all these KOs.

Ayeon is so amazing that Spider-Man wants to sue her for copyright infringement.

Could watch forever.

Could watch forever.


spongebob happy


One comment

  1. H.O.T.
    BTW, there are YouTube videos of her singing, playing bass and playing the keyboard/piano too. Now that’s just showing off

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