Waifu Wednesday: Youkyung

youkyung ww cover

Seo Youkyung (known by her stage name Youkyung) is a South Korean drummer. She is best known for reportedly being the drummer in rumored-myth-of-a-group AOA Black.

This is one of the more difficult Waifu Wednesday posts because, well, I wasn’t joking when I said that an AOA Black sighting is about as rare as a Big Foot one. Unlike every other member of AOA, Youkyung is the only one who exclusively works for AOA Black (AOA’s band sub-unit). She doesn’t dance. She doesn’t sing. All she does is rock the drums and she looks damn good while doing so. However, that arrangement comes with a cost, as FNC doesn’t have Youkyung promote when the band isn’t active. On the one hand, that’s a pretty sweet deal for her. On the other hand, it means that her appearances are sadly few and far between. Her designation as a “half-angel” is accurate and succinctly summed up by her “debut” appearance in AOA’s first single “Elvis.”



Hopefully AOA Black promotes a bit more (and gets their own singles) because Youkyung deserves more spotlight (And Choa. And Yuna. And Mina. And Jimin).


Youkyung is so cute that puppies dedicate their own section of Buzzfeed listicles to her.

Selca game on point.

Selca game on point.

Youkyung is so talented that she literally rocks universes.



Youkyung is so pretty that mirrors become awestruck in her presence.

Moar please.

Moar please.

Youkyung’s drums command the heartbeat of mankind.

Youkyung, presumably everyday in the FNC studio.

Youkyung, presumably everyday in the FNC studio.

Youkyung is so beautiful that it’s a miracle that her drum set doesn’t melt from the heat.

The queen surveys her land.

The queen surveys her land.

Youkyung rocks more than a geology conference.

This is everything.

This is everything.


fan spazz



  1. I think when the main group had such big success with “Miniskirt” that the label felt they needed to strike with the main group again while the iron was hot. “Short Hair” had similar success and once again they likely wanted to keep momentum which resulted in their biggest hit “Like a Cat.” That last song kind of secured a place for them as an A-list up and coming act. They could probably afford to try to roll AOA black back out there now partly as it could ride AOA’s popularity and partly to shake things up a bit. However, I can also see the logic of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” and instead running the full group out there again as they are really close to becoming a top tier group that can command much higher performance fees if they land another big hit or too, and it certainly is much cheaper to truck seven women around to corporate and collegiate events using the house’s sound equipment than to have to lug amps and instruments, setup all that gear, play just a few songs, and break down all that gear again. You might get two gigs a day doing that where with just the group maybe you squeeze in a third with the time saved.

    Has anyone actually seen footage that shows that any of the members other than the drummer are very good with their instruments or are they a studio concoction that that is blessed that the music shows generally won’t let a group play their instruments live due to time constraints of having to set up and tear down equipment on the stages? Honestly, I don’t know how good they are as I haven’t seen live footage of them playing covers of rock, funk, blues, or soul tunes that I would recognize and could say that was pretty well done.

    I hope the drummer makes good use of her time either by being able to actually attend college classes, working as a session drummer or engineer. A lot of drummer’s make good engineers or producers kind of like how a lot of baseball catchers end up making good managers. I suppose there is some similarity between sitting behind the drum kit and watching and sitting behind home plate and watching when it comes to getting an appreciation for everyone’s role. Maybe she’s allowed to play in a side band. It would be funny though if she had a side job working at a McJob and actually made more money as a result than the main group members do.

    1. I wouldn’t say that AOA (Black) are _very_ good with their instruments, but they can definitely rock a decent tune, especially with Jimin and Yuna on guitar and piano respectively. Just watch any of their Youtube ‘live’ or ‘acoustic’ performances. My favourite:

      I still can’t get over how talented this group and its members are. They sing, they dance, they rap, they play instruments, they do musicals, they act.. all the while looking ridiculously hot (I count 7 out of 8 WW).

      The world needs more Youkyoung and AOA Black.

  2. Hopefully, they’ll release music as AOA Black again. They looked cool and different in those stage performances …

  3. OT, have you heard Blady’s new song “Come To Me”? I think it sounds good IMHO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azhp-JLGoXw

  4. Here’s another good video of AOA Black playing live. Youkyoung is super cute here and as a bonus, you can actually see Mina playing bass.

    I’m showing my age but the above performance reminds me very much of Robert Palmer’s iconic ‘Addicted to Love’ MV, except our AOA models here are playing for reals!

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if their stylist consciously went for that look because it is reminiscent of that video. I am showing my age too as I remember that video coming out when I was in my late teens and recently saw several of the models in a where are they now and they are all in their 50’s and up now. I never did really get why so many people went gaga over that video when so many videos had hotter ladies with more going on in the shoot. It was really a boring video, but I guess some folks were excited by it stylistically for its minimalist approach or some such nonsense.

    2. Hey, thanks for sharing these vid links. Love seeing the girls play live in these.

  5. She’s pretty cool. I prefer Ayeon from Bepop as far as drummers go though. Especially on Just Leave with Wax doing the vocals. http://youtu.be/Kl4ZMR-6HZg

    1. Oh wow, Aeyon (Bebop) is too damn pretty for her own good. You brain tells you someone so stunning must be faking the instruments. Apparently she sings and plays the bass too.

      Hey Yellow Slug, I think I just found your next Waifu. God helps us all:

      1. But does she go bass fishing?

  6. I have to admit. “elvis” was so bad, I missed the youkyung introduction scene. She does appear to be able to drum well (which was sadly missed in the accoustic of ‘moya’ posted above, the girls got out of sync a little bit due to lack of a beat).

    love Choa.

    1. Love Choa is a universal command.

      1. Yeah, but Jimin strikes me as someone who would rock your world. After all she is the motherfucking top madam.

  7. She’s totally pretty.

  8. Someone made an AOA Black live playlist, sadly not many have all 5 members playing but proof they’re pretty legit and indeed AOA dance team’s equal. Seriously, bring back the times when AOA was OT8!

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