Girl’s Day Is Unsurprisingly Delaying Their April Comeback

girls day

Girl’s Day will be pushing back their anticipated April comeback by at least a month in order to accommodate Minah’s solo debut and give the group more than an hour of preparation for their upcoming album.

Surprise! Turns out quickly rushing out one of your member’s solo debut right up against your group’s comeback is usually never a great idea.

Dream Tea Entertainment confirmed the blatantly obvious news by issuing a statement on April 3rd. In it, they pretty much admitted that they haven’t even really started putting together an album for the release that they had originally slated for THIS MONTH.

“The main reason for the delay is due to the fact that the production schedule for the songs has changed. The individual activities of the members also had an effect on the plan. Minah will wrap up her solo activities next week, and then the members will start working on their next album.”

Sigh, going to have to wait at least a few more weeks to get a Sojin fix. Hopefully, the extra time will mean that they actually complete a song or two before they announce the next comeback date.



  1. Isn’t this old news tho? GsD’s comeback was already confirmed to have been delayed prior to Minah’s solo. Minah has said in interviews that GsD hasn’t started preparing for their comeback yet and Yura said in another video that GsD would be out in June.

  2. I went back and did some fact checking. March 12 is when Minah’s schedule was released and it first became obvious that GsD wouldn’t come out in April due to Minah promoting in Japan that month. March 20 is when both Minah and Yura did interviews confirming GsD’s comeback being delayed. Yura is the only one that has so far mentioned a month for GsD’s comeback.

  3. I’m just glad they delayed it and didn’t slap-dash something together that isn’t good enough to keep their momentum. I think they rushed Minah out there with a weak single (Although strong singles from idols doing a solo are pretty rare it seems) and I can’t imagine they are happy with the results. Maybe it reminded them you can’t just toss anything out there and expect people to buy and listen to it.

    In the opposite of rushing a solo project, I wonder when SPICA’s Boa is going to finish her solo album that was rumored when SPICA S debuted. That’s been quite a while. I assume that either it means it is in development hell where they record stuff and the A&R guy hears it and gives it a thumbs down as a single, or they are really focusing on making a killer album and taking their time picking and recording material for it. I really hope they just take their time and really put together an album that shows off Boa’s voice.

    1. Shadow · · Reply

      With ya on this. I hope they are taking time and doing this one right. Kim Boa is a fantastic talent. I also hope at some point the full compliment of Spica will perform again.

  4. Shadow · · Reply

    Ya know, I’m not in the entertainment business, but I have to call bullshit on this stuff. The more I hear and keep up with kpop, the more evidence I see of these companies being run by imbeciles.

    1. Yep, small operations like Starship that seem to make very few missteps and are very profitable are few and far between. It seems their CEO runs a good ship. His artists seem pretty happy there and aren’t taking jabs at the company all the time like you see with many companies. Starship makes money, but so do the artists. It seems like they have good music staff who find the right songs for their singers and don’t release stuff that won’t chart in the top 10 and sell. It seems to be a company that understands that if you treat your talent well it will pay off in productive talent. There is a good reason that Loen bought a large interest in Starship as it seems to be run by someone who has a plan and has a good eye for talent. It could eventually grow into a major company to rival JYP with a few more successful acts. Of course, Starship is also profitable because it seems to do a good job of finding artists with strong work ethics who don’t balk at really heavy schedules which earns the company and the artist a lot of extra money. Then you see companies like FNC that while they have successful acts, there always seems to be sniping at the boss by FT Island or CNBlue or their group leaders sniping at each other. That stuff just turns people off. No one wants to hear labelmates personal beefs or artists money issues with the label. Music is an escape for most people and a refuge from the nastiness of their daily work or school life. Some companies get that and others don’t.

  5. I guess avoiding going up against Miss As fresh release can be one reason to.

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