Queen Of K-Pop BoA Is Reportedly Preparing A New Album


It appears that Kwon BoA, she of K-Pop royalty, will be releasing an album this year to coincide with her 15th anniversary in the industry.

If that makes you feel really, really old, you’re not alone.

On April 2nd, the goddess of dance uploaded this photo to her Instagram which presumably shows BoA in the shadows recording whatever new tune she’ll use to bend audiences to her will.


A post shared by BoA (@boakwon) on

When asked about a potential BoA comeback, SM Entertainment confirmed that something was in the works, but refused to provide any more details:

“It is true that BoA is currently preparing for a new album. The exact date or detailed schedules of the release have not ben decided yet. Please look forward to it a lot.”

BoA last graced the stage for her 2012 Only One comeback which featured two very convincing arguments for SM Entertainment’s love of dance-in-a-box concepts – lead single “Only One” and the thoroughly perfect “Shadow.”

I can’t wait.



  1. 2012! I feel like it was just yesterday that the perfection that was ‘Only One’ graced my eyes. That dance is everything. Man… so much to anticipate musically this year!

  2. I didn’t realize it at the time, but BoA’s end theme for a season of the anime Inuyasha inadvertently introduced me to K-pop in a sense years ahead of really learning about it after Gangnam Style. I was aware that BoA was a big artist from Korea after reading about her when I liked that end theme. I just didn’t follow up on checking out K-pop at that time.

    It is funny how BoA seems like she should be much older than she really is, but that is because she debuted so young and has been around so long. It’s rare to have a successful 15 year pop career let alone have one before you are even 30 years old. Usually artists that start that young flame out in their late teens or early 20’s as that kind of success ruins them, or their music doesn’t remain relevant.

  3. Is she not more of a star in Japan/jpop than in Korea?

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