Waifu Wednesday: Boram

boram tara

Jeon Bo-ram (better known as shewhomustnotbenamed Boram) is a South Korean singer *snicker and *teeheehee actress. She is best known for being a hellspawn member of….

Ok, I can’t keep this up.

“Happy” April Fools’ everyone.

You didn’t honestly think this would ever happen, did you?


Your regularly scheduled K-Pop material will return tomorrow.

Until then, have some Wang Fei Fei.

Here, a peace offering.

Here, a peace offering.

(I’m so sorry for this post but I couldn’t resist)




  1. Aww, I was hoping your April Fool’s prank would be doctored photos of you inserting yourself into photos at all of Fei’s public appearances.

    I am not very familiar with Bo-ram. I assume that she is not one of your favorite people, so hell would freeze before you would have her as a waifu.

    By the way, Fei has some of the most incredible bedroom eyes. Even when she isn’t trying to look at someone seductively she still does.

    1. Yeah, the Boram hate is a bit of a running joke here. Agree on Fei.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    You fucking bastard.

  3. I saw this WW post title pop up on my RSS reader and the first thought that came to my mind was that hell has officially frozen over.
    Damn it, it’s already 2nd Apr in some other parts of the world when you post this!
    Not funny (ok, maybe a little). #justiceforBoram

    1. No hashtag will save this post.

  4. LMAO. You’re so mean, yellowslug. You actually got me.

  5. Can someone fill me in on the joke?

    1. I have this semi-running joke about how much I irrationally hate Boram. The calendar just gave me an excuse to indulge in my worst impulses.

      1. It’s only a running joke because I keep insisting on it. I have to admit this was very well played. But I shall continue to insist on it anyway.

      2. Other sites have antis, psycho trolls and what-not. You get Boram supporters. Don’t you feel special?

  6. you freaking bastard. i was happy that you finally given up your hate on boram.

    Glad you didnt.

  7. Well at least you tried. You could at least given us a gif of Little B grinding it up tho.

  8. I like Boram, cruel joke 😦

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