What The Heck Is Suzy Wearing In This Unreleased Teaser Photo For ‘Colors’?

On Thursday, miss A’s Suzy celebrated earning her 3 millionth follower on Twitter by unleashing some flawless selcas on the world (and promoting miss A’s upcoming single “Only You”).

Suzy also revealed a teaser image for ‘Colors’ that had previously been unreleased. Apparently, SUZY WENT ROGUE RELEASING THIS ONE:

As a special treat, she’s even revealed an unreleased teaser image that she says “the company doesn’t even know about”, leaving us feeling like we’re on in a big secret with her.




After one gets over the initial “dayum” that Suzy always seems to inspire, it’s kind of understandable that this one wasn’t included among the initial offering of Suzy teasers.

I mean, what is Suzy actually wearing here?

A skirt over some sleeping shorts that are longer than said skirt?

A bra over a skin-tone tank top?

That is the outfit of a crazy person.

Hot, granted, but crazy.



  1. Btch. Jealous huh? Do you even see jia and min teaser photo? Bitch.

    1. Is this… English?

      1. Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a Suzy fan who doesn’t get satirical humour. Biiiiiarch

  2. Apologies for going OT but I would suggest rapper M-Zero or actress Gong Seung Yeon for a future Waifu Wednesday.

  3. tieuyeunu · · Reply

    I’m glad I’m not the only one confused with her outfit.

    Too many layers. Choose one set or the other. Not Both.

    AS a Suzy fan I was expecting similar concept to the rest of the girls.

  4. This is what happens when you have a society that and censors that are more concerned about the sexual suggestiveness of a bare tummy than cleavage shots, closse-ups of butts, and men peeping on women as that is just harmless fun. I suspect the camisole under the bra was some kind of compromise to prevent a 15+ rating or the notorious KBS Banhammer.

    The only other thing I can think of is that the girls are in some kind of hurry to sneak out in their performance costumes and aren’t bothering to change out of their sleepwear. Maybe they are going to go over to their peeping Tom’s house and give him such a bad nosebleed with their dancing that he never peeps on them again.

  5. I used to get annoyed at all of the attention Suzy gets when she is a mere mortal in a group with the true goddess that is Min. But the pics in this post are pretty solid evidence that she deserves the hype.

  6. she looks a bit like secret’s sunhwa in the second pic. always gorg though

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