miss A’s Teaser For ‘Only You’ Centers On Creeper Creeping On Hot Girls

miss a only you teaser

With only a few days to go before the group’s resurrection from JYP purgatory, miss A has gone ahead and released the first teaser for “Only You,” the group’s title track for its “Colors” comeback.

It’s, well, interesting in a conflicting way.

First things first, the instrumentals sound very, very promising. Anytime one can pair some sultry horns with some synths and pair it with a rocking drum line, you’re more than half way to having a winner in my book.

Also, unlike the teaser images, the setting and lighting appear to be light and colorful and not drenched in a Pepto-Bismol pink that would have likely made the video entirely too one-note.

As for the actual visuals, there’s not much that one can see. Sure, there’s a shot of a butt, a shot of some legs, some cleavage and a neck but it’s all done with an aggressive objectification that is hammered home by Creepy Handsome Extra 1 holding some binoculars and invading said butt, legs, cleavage and neck’s privacy.



It’s like the teaser wants to have it both ways. It deeply wants to objectify miss A’s flawlessness but it also wants you to know that it’s in on the critique. Whether this is a subversion or celebration of the Peeping Tom remains to be seen but the teaser does a good job of leaving that an open question.




Thankfully, given miss A’s track record on the subject of men gazing at them from afar and their own glorious pro-woman anthem, I don’t think that there’s much to worry about here.



Now, please let it be March 30th so I can weep at the Alter of Fei once again.


One comment

  1. I detect some feminist leanings in this review. Hell, if the curtains are open, go for it.

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