Waifu Wednesday: D.ana

d.ana sonamoo ww

K-Pop idol D.ana (real name unknown as far as I can tell) is a South Korean rapper. She is best known for being one of the most promising thing about relatively new K-Pop girl group Sonamoo.

It’s hard to say much about D.ana as it’s pretty difficult to grasp just who she’s supposed to be marketed as. Even her (and the rest of her group mates) name is more manufactured than most idols. The girl known as D.ana only got to choose her own stage name after it had been whittled down to a few choices by fans. (Yes, somehow “fans” of a group existed before said group even set foot on stage and they even had a say on what each member would be called.) The only things that can be said for sure about D.ana is that she is Sonamoo’s main rapper,  her low voice is pretty great even if she doesn’t display the most rapid-fire chops and she’s pretty damn attractive (which means that she exhibits physical attributes that usually come with such a designation). Deja Vu may have been a pretty average debut for a rookie group (they debuted in late December so I’m grandfathering them into this year’s rookie class for now) but D.ana looks like she could be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.


D.ana is so cute that she makes salt taste sweet.

A selca pro as well.

A selca pro as well.

D.ana is so hot that she causes sweat in space.

Yup, a very promising career in K-Pop.

Yup, a very promising career in K-Pop.

D.ana’s beauty is the world’s unnumbered wonder.

Making overalls devastating  should be hard.

That outfit shouldn’t work but it so does.

D.ana could easily cause more whiplash than the world’s collective car crashes.



D.ana moves with a smoothness that borders on anti-gravity.

The feels are real.

The feels are real.


waterfalls of tears



  1. MY SONAMOO BIAS!!!!!!!!!!
    So glad you chose her. Low-voiced girl group idol rappers aren’t really a thing, but I hope she takes rapping seriously and grows with it!

  2. She was the only one that stood out in this group to me, honestly. “Manufactured” is the right word for the group, there’s something about them that just doesn’t flow. It’s a shame, too, because I’ve been waiting for a “Hip Hop”-concept girl group forever….

    Since you’re already doing Sonamoo WW’s though I’d just like to drop in and mention that Mamamoo’s having a comeback early April… Could I nominate literally any/all of them? Like I actually have no idea who I want to see WW’d first because they are all my biases. Hwa Sa seems pretty popular nowadays so I guess I’d point her out.

    1. A couple members of Sonamoo are pretty much shoe-ins so don’t be surprised to see some of them show up ehre soon.

      1. You’re doing girls from nugu groups that don’t even have real names? Just do Boram already and get it over with. You know you want to.

  3. Nice. Looking forward to see more Sonamoo on WW with the usual accompaniment of glorious photos and gifs. For K-Pop research, of course.

  4. Her real name is Jo Eunae (조으내)

    1. Chikobowoski · · Reply

      correction 조은애

  5. I feel like all the Sonamoo girls could take a Weds spot but yeah D.ana stood out to me for sure.

  6. Sonamoo were my favorite female rookies last year. So this was a treat!

    High.D is also really waifu-able imo.

    1. I will keep that in mind.

      1. Euijin, Nahyun and Sumin.
        Keep them in mind.
        Sumin’s full name is Ji Sumin. She’s one of the best dancers in Sonamoo.

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