Hot And Successful Actor Lee Min Ho Is Dating Hot And Successful Singer Bae Suzy


In news that is somewhat timely given miss A’s comeback in a week, it has been confirmed that miss A’s Suzy, the Nation’s official First Love, is dating actor Lee Min Ho.

Dispatch, as they are wont to do, reported the news that the two have been dating for a couple of months now. The two apparently arranged little international covert meetups to try and achieve some semblance of privacy. International spy agencies don’t have nothing on Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy. Eat your heart out 007.

Dispatch caught Lee Min Ho as he went to Paris for a photoshoot on the 10th, and Suzy as she went to London for a photoshoot on the same date. However, after Lee Min Ho was done, he flew to London to meet Suzy. Suzy checked out from her Waldorf hotel on the 15th, and waited for Lee Min Ho to pick her up there.

Afterward, the two checked in (at slightly different times) at London’s Shangri-La at The Shard, and afterward the two enjoyed 3-day date in London, with Lee Min Ho driving both of them around.

Even in Seoul, Lee Min Ho picked up Suzy, meeting almost every single day since February 25th, except for the time Lee Min Ho was overseas for a schedule.

Aw, how adorable. They carpool like normal people.

Both Lee Min Ho’s agency and JYP Entertainment released separate statements confirming that you are most certainly not the Nation’s First Love’s first love.

Someone please put all uncle fans on suicide watch.

Between the Suzy-Min Ho couple and the Seung Gi-Yoona pairing, the K-Pop scene is experiencing a sudden embarrassment of riches when it comes to stupidly attractive couples. I’m still not sure which one is hotter (OK, it’s still Seung Gi and Yoona).


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  1. Well Suzy wasn’t likely to settle for someone who wasn’t similarly on top, so this isn’t terribly surprising that she would be dating one of the top celebs in Korea who is also very popular elsewhere in Asia. Suzy seems like someone who would be very conscious of the status of a boyfriend being similar to or greater than her own before dating. That isn’t necessarily bad if one was in her position as someone with a lower status likely would have trouble coping with how much Suzy earns compared to most entertainers.

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