Ga In Would Have Pursued A Career In Lingerie Design If She Wasn’t So Damn Good At The Whole Singer Thing

ga in

Although the entire universe should be thankful that Son Ga In found her calling in being one of the most provocative singers in K-Pop, had that not worked out, Ga In would have likely pursued a career in lingerie design.

Sometimes, thinking about an alternative timeline isn’t the worst thing one can do with one’s time.

On March 18, Ga In was a guest in SBSPower FM ‘Lee Kuk Ju’s Young Street‘ and was asked the question, “If you didn’t become a singer, what job would you be doing now?”

That’s when she replied, “I want to become a lingerie designer.”

She continued, “I tend to put extra care into things you can’t see rather than things you do see, so I especially focus on my undergarments/lingerie. I have a variety of lingerie ranging from cute to youthful, but most of my lingerie is sexy.”


Ga In is only 27, so there should be opportunities for her to go after her design passion if she wants (Please, please someone give Ga In this opportunity. Hell, someone start a Kickstarter already).

I mean, does anyone remember Ga In’s “Yes” shoots? There’s no way that she wouldn’t move merchandise.





  1. I think her statement is more Howard Sternish, wanting a shock value for the album.

    But maybe she’s not waiting.

  2. Oddly enough this reminded me of a(n apparently real) Richard Nixon quote:

    ”I have often thought that if there had been a good rap group around in those days I might have chosen a career in music instead of politics.”

    – Richard Nixon, reminiscing about his life, on an audio tape at the Nixon Library.

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