Review: Minah – “I Am a Woman, Too” Just Misses The Mark

minah i am a woman too

Despite the fact that Girl’s Day has been one of K-Pop’s more popular acts over the past couple of years, the group has not had an idol debut a solo effort until now. While it’s unsurprising that Dream Tea Entertainment tapped Minah for the group’s inaugural solo debut, it is a little surprising that the creative direction for “I Am a Woman, Too” seems to subdue Minah’s appeal rather than highlight what makes Girl’s Day’s lead singer such a joy to watch on stage.

The best and worst thing that one can say about Minah’s “I Am a Woman, Too” is that it breezes by like a sixty-five degree spring day. The bouncy snare and warm bass lines give “I Am a Woman, Too” a spring that contrast nicely with the slightly longing tone that Minah lathers on the vocals. The “I-oh-loveyou-loveyou-loveyou” hook is deceptively catchy as well and gives the song a momentum it desperately needs to propel the lack of big instrumental moments and a surprising lack of Minah’s trademark bombastic stylings.  It’s all very neat and compact, but it’s also fairly disposable because the song is just not that remarkable. It’s the type of song that no one is likely to object to or pine for.



The inoffensive mild pleasantness of the song carries over to the video. Granted, this could be a product of the seemingly rushed way that Minah’s solo debut was put together, but it’s hard to call “I Am a Woman, Too” anything other than average. Washed-out blue lighting and sets are predictably played off some vibrant reds and light pinks (I will say that the foliage-ridden greenish set is pretty nice). The threadbare story elements can be whittled down to “Minah looks sad while sitting” and “Minah looks sad while lying down.” Given that Minah’s smile is one of the best things to ever grace this earth, having her look like this for an entire video feels like a waste:

Not one feels was given.

Not one feels was given.

The choreography, from what can be seen here, looks simple, sexy and (not to beat a dead horse here) kind of non-descript. The best thing about “I Am a Woman, Too” ends up being the styling and wardrobe. Whereas Minah comes off as the most youthfully energetic of Girls’ Day during group promotions, her makeup and dress in “I Am a Woman, Too” successfully matures Girls’ Day’s front-woman without it coming off as costumey or comical (she even pulls off a red pantsuit. A RED PANTSUIT).

One can see what Minah and company were aiming for with a slower R&B song like “I Am a Woman, Too.” Compared to her energy in Girl’s Day, the concept for Minah’s solo debut appears to be to present a more mature and sophisticated Minah.  However, when the most compelling thing about Minah’s stage presence is her youthful energy and the earnestness with which she attacks her notes (restraint be damned), going for a more “composed” and “mature” route also seems to rob Minah of her strongest assets (Ironically enough, I think that the more refined sound of the song would have been perfect for Sojin). For a solo debut, “I Am a Woman, Too” is a fine single but it errs through trying to shoehorn Minah into a one-size-fits-all box that doesn’t really do her justice.


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  1. Song’s not half bad and Minah does look great (coloured contact lenses be damn), but my greatest problem is I can’t shake the feeling on how they are trying to nail a mature look to IMHO the cutest member of Girl’s Day. It’s the same uneasy feeling I get when I see child beauty queens. Even the title suggests that you remember Minah is a fully grown 21yr old woman. So yes, Sojin would have been great for this.

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