Rainbow Scraps “Black Swan” Promotions After A Mere Two Weeks


Although it’s not that surprising given its lukewarm reception, Rainbow will reportedly kill their “Black Swan” promotions just a couple of weeks after they debuted their latest comeback.

Prior to the February 23rd release of “Black Swan,” it had been nearly two years since people had last seen Rainbow. With such a long wait, it’s a bit disappointing to see Rainbow disappear so quickly.

DSP Media released a quick statement on the matter:

“With last week’s music show, [Rainbow’s] ‘Black Swan’ promotions have come to an end. Many thanks to all the fans who supported Rainbow’s third mini album, and we’ll work hard to return new and improved. Thank you,” said the agency.

The song was apparently “unable to maintain a spot in the top 100” which led to DSP’s termination of the group’s promotions.

A quick check of Gaon’s Music Chart shows that “Black Swan” had fallen to 75th position during the week of March 1st-7th (behind such songs like Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”).

While “Black Swan” certainly wasn’t a bad comeback by any stretch of the imagination, the quality of the comeback likely didn’t have much to do with its sudden fall from humdrum-grace. DSP Media simply hasn’t shown that they know how to market any of their groups outside of KARA. DSP Media is stating that Rainbow will “work hard to return new and improved” but the brevity of this comeback – when combined with the group’s age and how much time DSP let lapse between 2013’s “Sunshine” and 2015’s “Black Swan” – shouldn’t leave one holding their breath for another Rainbow comeback soon.



  1. I feel bad for Woori. I remember how emotional she was when she had to leave IY2 because Rainbow was going to be promoting in Japan and she was clearly concerned how important it was that the group do well while there. She gave the impression that the group was really struggling financially and really needed to earn.

    DSP is such a poorly run operation. Nicole and Jiyoung were fortunate to get away while they were still young enough to maybe have a second act in their careers. Kara looks like it might be able to maintain itself, but Rainbow is likely done and if I were a talented performer DSP would be a last choice company to sign with as they have show no ability to do anything with anyone except Kara and even that group had serious issues due to management.

  2. Sad they are very appealing mature girls.

  3. This is depressing. It may not be time to disband and have the more popular members form a smaller sub group. Their current group size seems unsustainable.

  4. I think Rainbow is over, I can’t see they will put any more energy or investment in the group.

  5. It’s weird b/c I think part of the reason this group become so loveable is b/c they were a low key group that managed to show us different sides to themselves that a group that’s super-scrutinized wouldn’t.

    That said, I feel like we’ll be hearing about their disbandment soon. 😦

    1. Yeah, I think DSP just failed to promote the group in any unique way. They’ve got talent and stuff like Jaekyung and Woori’s social media stuff shows that they’ve got some individual talents but it definitely looks like it’s all being wasted away.

    2. I hope DSP doesn’t just leave them hanging. I don’t know how much time is left on their contracts, but if DSP has no real plans to use them, they should cancel their contracts and let them try to latch on with another company individually. Several of them would likely make a good group leader for a new girl group being formed somewhere. Of course that assumes that DSP does the honorable thing, which isn’t likely. It’s more likely they will leave them idle for a year or more and waste another year of so of the member’s lives. At least a few members have some individual work, but I wonder if they split that to help the members who don’t have individual work and don’t earn much if anything on Rainbow’s music. I can’t imagine that the group has made much of a dent in their training, debut, and ongoing costs, so members can’t be earning much more than a stipend I would imagine.

    3. I feel the problem is that they have gotten so bad/boring songs. They deserve better songs. The only song I liked a lot was Sunshine. But I should also be honest and say I have not followed them that much, just gotten the impression they are better than the songs they got.

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