Waifu Wednesday: LE

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Ahn Hyo-jin (better known by her stage name LE) is a South Korean rapper, singer and song writer. She is best known for being the main rapper of K-Pop girl group Exid but you’ve most likely felt (or listened) to her impact even if you never picked up an Exid song until “Up and Down.”

As much as Hani left her mark all over “Up and Down,” the actual song succeeds largely because of LE. The beat jolts to life as soon as she hits the mic and then subsides into an enjoyable if a tad listless, affair until LE resuscitates things in her later verse. LE’s under-appreciated work on the track is more or less par for the course for her career. The girl is a fairly great K-Pop rapper but when one starts to delve into her songwriting credits and appearances with other acts, things get pretty damn impressive. LE has over 20 songwriting credits to her name, including Trouble Maker’s immortal song “Trouble Maker” as well as “Now.” She worked with Hyuna on her “A Talk” album and helped write lyrics for “French Kiss” and “Blacklist.” She’s even done vocal work for other groups, as T-ara had LE contribute to their fantastic chorus for “Sugar Free” and featured her on their mini-album “And & End.”

(The fact that LE had a hand in “Sugar Free” and “Trouble Maker” basically means that I am forever in her debt.)

It’s one thing to be the main rapper of a K-Pop group. It’s quite another when other groups and idols seek you out to work with you. LE is just that good.


LE is so shockingly talented that universities are working overtime to study her phenomena.

Also, the body of a god.

Also, the body of a god.

LE is so pretty that ponds in deserts are envious of the attention that she receives.

Oh lord, have mercy.

Oh lord, have mercy.

LE’s productivity puts most AI programs to shame.

Strong selca game.

Strong selca game.

LE is so sexy that she causes nosebleeds from space.

Waving to the peons.

Waving to the peons.

LE is so great that gods tell tall tales of her exploits.

A real-life baws.

A real-life baws.


Lawd baby



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Any friend of Hyuna’s is a friend of mine. This girl kills it on Blacklist. She’s also different/striking looking with a cool vocal tone. Not as cool as my one and only but awesome nonetheless. That body rules pretty hard too. I didn’t know of the other writing credits, so good for her, hopefully she has a little money in her pocket too. But unfortunately I doubt it.
    Top pic s-line is ridiculous.

    1. She stated that she earned enough from her “Trouble Maker” royalties to buy a car whatever that means http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/85296/exids-le-shares-that-she-co-wrote-the-lyrics-to-trouble-makers-songs

  2. LE has a similar resume as Miryo of BEG. Songwriter and rapper, with great credentials. IIRC LE wrote “Every Night”, which is still my favorite EXID song. (love the gas masks) Also read that Hani is like a genus; high IQ. Would like to know more about the members in this group.

    Did not know that she co-wrote on the “Trouble Maker” album; that’s impressive. Very talented girl. Went and read Slug’s link to the article, and quite frankly I don’t believe the royalties on “Trouble Maker” split between three people was just enough the buy a car. She’s playing coy with that answer. That song is a huge success.

    Anyway, very pretty girl, and hope EXID makes more music.

  3. Oh, so this is LE. I’ve heard the name come up in comments about a good (former underground) K-Pop rapper but never realised that she was from EXID. Sorry, but my knowledge of EXID was only limited to Hani. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for featuring her.
    P.S. Top photo has got to be shopped… or she’s wearing some ridiculously large butt pads.

  4. She’s very nice. But with every passing Wednesday Boram’s time grows closer. Its inevitable.

  5. Rappers tend to be my biases in boy and girl groups… that said, I like LE’s hustle… still trying to forget her cringe-worthy ignorant incident…

  6. Oh, you really need to do Solji. She’s definitely cute and all but wow, that voice !!!!

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