Ga In’s Teaser For “Apple” Is Apparently Brought To You By Ga In’s Ass

ga in teaser apple

With her teaser for “Paradise Lost” already released, Ga In has followed that up with the teaser for her other Hawwah music video release “Apple.”

While the whole album looks to have a religious theme running throughout it, “Apple” couldn’t sound more different from “Paradise Lost.”

The summery, light pop beat is a much-welcomed contrast to “Paradise Lost’s” seemingly edgier tone. Appropriately dressed in all red, the video also seems to have a rather obvious obsession with Ga In’s backside, which she reportedly spent months working on specifically for this shoot:

“Seeing how the song’s title is ‘Apple,’ the director viewed the ‘apple hip’ as the trend these days and requested that I got them, so I exercised.  I have such a thin body with no volume, so I thought to myself I needed to create a body that’d be good to see; I only worked out my lower half for three months without taking a single day off.  I said I was going to make my lower body big, and I did.

Of course, seeing as the ideal body image of a K-Pop idol exists in some impossible fantasy land of entertainment journalists’ minds, Ga In caught some grief for her sculpted posterior.

While making my body, I went to a media event where an article came out that I gained weight, so I felt dispirited.  I thought to myself that something like this might not suit me, but I didn’t give up.  I wanted to show a healthy and flexible image, too.”

Curiously enough, “Apple” will receive a +19  rating for suggestive lyrics. It is a decision that has left Ga In unhappy because the song’s lyrics are supposedly more suggestive than they are explicit.

“‘Apple’ received a 19+ rating.  It’s a song that’s not completely explicit, but rather expresses the racy feeling well.  It’s really a shame it didn’t get through the deliberation. The lyrics ‘I want to do it because you tell me not to, I want to have it because you tell me not to’ expresses the overall theme of greed, but I guess if you think of it in a provocative way, I guess it can sound sexual. But still it’s upsetting it didn’t pass the judging [for general broadcast].”

I mean, sure, it’s not much of a leap to suggest that “I want to do it because you tell me not to” is referring to sex because the song is called “Apple” (the biblically most tempting of fruit) and the song is being sung by K-Pop’s sexiest advocate of actually addressing aspects of sex in her music. However, alluding to sex is pretty much the bedrock of all pop music and K-Pop has certainly not been immune to that either.

Just some inflatable fun.

Just some inflatable fun.

If I were Ga In, I’d be slightly pissed too.



  1. I’m not sure about pissed. She’s no dummy. She knows the industry and the culture she works in. And she’s been around the block a few times. So she shouldn’t be surprised at the squeamishness and prudishness of the powers that be.

    But it matters not. If the teasers are any indication this is going to be one hell of a comeback. And Kpop needs it. I’ve yet to be really wowed so far this year by anything that’s been released.

  2. And….it’s out and is totally next level. The song is good and she’s just breathtaking in the MV. Exceedes my expectations.

    1. Yeah, review coming tomorrow but I’ll just say that it’s one of the best MVs I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. I guess you guys are talking about the “Paradise Lost” MV. It’s freaking amazing. Never been into interpretive dance, but this is very good. I really like the maturity of the song and video. Definitely not that bubble gum kpop stuff. If anybody could be termed the Korean Madonna, it’s Ga In.

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