Review: FIESTAR – “You’re Pitiful” Is Fine And That’s OK

fiestar you're pitiful

After some well-earned hype due to their teasers, FIESTAR is back with the full music video for their latest single “You’re Pitiful.” In combination with their previous release “One More,” “You’re Pitiful” seems to indicate that FIESTAR won’t be shying away from more overtly sexy concepts for the time being compared to their previous releases. However, in contrast to “One More’s” aggressive objectification of FIESTAR’s sexiness, “You’re Pitiful” goes for a more muted musical and visual approach that works despite the song’s lack of a great hook.

As odd as it may seem at first blush, “You’re Pitiful” somehow manages to be fairly pleasant to listen to while retaining a slight sorrowful tone that keeps it from being boring. The beat is held together by a light electronic bopping riff and a nice snare line which propels “You’re Pitiful” during the chorus. However, outside of that there’s not a lot going on with FIESTAR’s latest single. It’s easy listening but it also seems to purposefully hold back from doing much else.

The choruses are similarly low-impact. On the one hand, the more matter-of-fact tone that FIESTAR applies to the choruses is pretty appropriate given the subject matter of “You’re Pitiful.” On the other hand, that stylistic decision can’t help but make the choruses seem subdued and choruses are often the make-or-break components of pop songs. Luckily, the verses and (especially) Yezi’s rap have some good bite in them to counteract the choruses’ more relaxed approach. This allows “You’re Pitiful” to manage a delicate balance between being an easily digestible pop song and a “good riddance break up” song. It’s about as successful as one could expect but one can hear how the song has to wrestle with its own “I could care less” attitude whenever a chorus hits.

Casually slaying.

Casually slaying.

The video for “You’re Pitiful” would have been pretty hard to fuck up given FIESTAR’s roster of hotness and the music video more or less hits the right marks. The MV is very much a dance-in-a-box affair. The only parts that hint at a “story” boil down to Jei being a creepy voyeur and a guy going through the greatest hits of “angst” acting cliches. Still, FIESTAR looks great, the choreography is pretty nice as FIESTAR makes full use of chairs and extras, and the sets, while varied, cohere together in similar color motifs of black, white and eye-popping red. The direction gives the viewer a nice mix of individual shots, dance shots and “story” shots and nothing is ever presented in a confusing manner (the transitions between choreo shots are particularly well done).

Dat close up though.

Dat close up though.

If there are complaints to be had with FIESTAR’s “You’re Pitiful,” they are familiar ones. Jei dominates the proceedings despite the group’s bounty of pretty faces (Yes, I realize complaining about too much Jei is akin to complaining of having too much money) and poor Cao Lu might as well have filmed her own scene in five minutes from a studio parking lot. Also, free Linzy.

Give live performances all day.

Give live performances all day.

Despite those rather small hang ups, “You’re Pitiful” is a pretty nice video attached to a pretty nice song. There’s nothing about “You’re Pitiful” that is likely to knock anyone off their feet but the video is made well, FIESTAR looks stunning and the song, as reserved as it is, has some nice moments. It’s no “One More” but “You’re Pitiful” should be enough to hold down the FIESTAR fort until the group’s next release (may it prominently feature Cao Lu).



  1. I really like this song and have been playing it on repeat. IMHO, it is one of Sinsadong Tiger’s finer works. Very easy to listen to without being boring. Yezi’s rap over Linzy’s high backing over the main vocals the end was particularly sweet. The only thing criminal was how little they featured Cao Lu, both in the song and MV. Linzy at least got a couple of good parts in.

    That last gif made my day. WOW #freeLinzy

    1. It’s ridiculous how little Cao Lu gets to sing (mostly the non-Korean parts). She does slay it when she smiles to the camera/audience.

    2. The live performances are worth it just for Linzy alone.

      1. I just noticed that Fiestar made a Chinese version of ‘One More’. And even in that version, Cao Lu hardly gets to sing. WTF?!

  2. I love this song. I’ve had it on repeat for a while!

    1. It just doesn’t grab me. I can have it in the background all day though and not feel the need to change the song.

      1. It makes nice background music indeed.

      2. I think why this track makes such good listening (despite not having a strong hook) is that it’s very well-written and produced. Everything from the acoustic guitar intro/outro, Yezi’s half-raps, the catchy chorus and that wonderful bridge just blends into one melodious groove.

        Also, here’s their dance practice video, dressed in every guy’s fantasy ‘morning-after’ attire:

  3. Victor Delacroix · · Reply

    I’m pretty cool with the song, but I was hoping for something with more Yezi attitude. Also, why did it take me until this comeback to notice how long Cao Lu’s legs are? Watch her during the part where they put one leg up on the chairs. Gives me the vapors, I say.

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