Girl’s Day’s Minah Will Have What Sounds Like An Awfully Rushed Solo Debut In Mid-March

minah girls day

In totally shocking* news, it is now being announced that Girl’s Day’s Minah will be aiming to release her very first solo release in mid-March.

*News is totally not shocking

The only thing surprising about Minah finally getting a solo release is that it took this long for Dream Tea Entertainment to put it together and they are apparently still hammering out small details surrounding the debut.

And by “small details,” I mean the concept, dress and even the tracks on the album. You know, the small stuff.

Via Soompi:

On March 3, a representative of the group’s agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, revealed to Newsen, “Minah recently started working on her solo album after the confirmation of her solo debut. The album is not yet complete, but she is recording the songs and has set out on the finishing stages.”

The agency rep continued to explain that the Girl’s Day member’s new solo song is one with a bright concept. She is currently having ongoing discussions on how to emphasize her distinct charms through the outfits and overall concept.

Now, this wouldn’t be alarming/hilarious if Dream T was aiming for a May or even an April release date. However, the agency wants to start promoting Minah in mid-March which gives Girl’s Day’s most eager bellower of long notes a fairly short amount of time to finalize her album, debut concept, outfits and, if allkpop is to be believed, even which song will be the single:

The agency revealed, “Minah’s first solo album will come out around mid March. We are trying to decide which would be better between a dance and ballad track.”

I guess part of Minah’s stage appeal is the reckless abandon with which she tackles her job so maybe this is all part of the creative process that will lead to Minah slaying everything in her path with an essentially improvised comeback.

Or it could be a complete clusterfuck!

We’ll have to wait until mid-March (or a statement announcing a delay) to find out.



  1. Yeah, you would hope they won’t rush it and postpone if things aren’t coming together. While it isn’t the group as a whole, you wouldn’t want a bad solo debut with one of the group’s lead singers as it could take a little shine off the group. So many solo debuts by folks from groups seem like they are just kind of slapped together to appease someone’s ego, or to buy some time for the group’s next comeback being delayed or to give the rest of the group some extra rest.

    I hope Minah has good success with this.

    1. I guess that Girl’s Day is having an April comeback, so it’s likely that Dream Tea wants to get this release out so that it doesn’t conflict with the group’s release the following month.

      1. Yep, maybe the idea is to prime the pump for Girl’s Day as they have been away since what about 90 to 120 days ago. Honestly I thought they would have a longer break, but this group is trying to make up for lost time I think and they and their company want to make the most of this run of success and not lose momentum with a long absence. They are on the cusp of getting into the top tier of the industry with another hit as big as “Something” was.

  2. clrfcation · · Reply

    I remember seeing the news a long time ago, then saw the old news again recently, and I’ve been wondering where it went….well here it is. boom. Also really OT (and the true purpose of my comment), would you like the check Jackson Wang from Got7 out for a Man Candy Monday? *insert hopeful smile*

    1. second this…. SO MUCH SECOND

  3. Hope this turns out wel but to be honest, I’m lowered my expectations considerably for group-to-solo debuts since Hyomin’s ‘Nice Body’ (ok, Jiyeon’s solo was decent).

    Minah’s about one of the cutest things in K-Pop but the reason why girl groups are much more interesting to watch compared to a solo female artists, is the composition of different members in a girl group. Each member has her own appeal plus they perform in a glorious cute & sexy mash-up of vocals and synchronised legs & hips.

    Also, how are we going to have any girl-on-girl action, à la ‘Female President’, without Hyeri!?

    1. I guess you will just have to get your implied girl on girl action somewhere else or watch videos of SNSD members fondling each other.

  4. Most Girl’s Day releases are practically Minah solos, vocal-wise.

    I wouldn’t mind if they just went with a Girl’s Day sexy dance concept featuring only Minah for this solo. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be some sappy ballad.

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