Jessica Jung Continues To Vaguely Hint At Some Sort Of Comeback


jessica jung

Showing that she takes her “blood of an entertainer” very seriously, Jessica Jung recently stated in an interview with Woman Sense magazine that she is confident that she will return to the spotlight to shade SNSD for the rest of eternity delight her fans.

Although the interview was ostensibly about Jessica’s reasonably priced products for her fashion line “Blanc & Eclare,” the topic of conversation inevitably turned to a familiar issue – whether Jessica Jung would return to “the stage” after her unceremonious dumping from SNSD.

According to Jessica, it seems that a return to “the stage” is more a matter of “when” than “if.”

“The stage? More than missing [the stage], I get excited [thinking about it] because going forward, there will be many chances for me to stand on the stage.”

As for what projects Jessica is considering, it seems like everything is on the table. The Ice Princess told Cosmopolitan TV that she has plenty of options thanyouverymuchnowpleasedontaskforanythingmorespecific.

“I am looking over scripts for films and dramas. I am also spending my time in both the recording studio as well as the design studio.”

So, rest assured world. Jessica Jung will do… something in the near future, even if it’s just going into a recording studio to keep warm.


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  1. Shadow · · Reply

    I’m glad Jessica is still relevant enough to warrant interviews and news print. Even though SM holds the keys to her chains, at some point, she has got to do something instead of trying to sell overpriced luxury items.

    By the way, love the photo.

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