FIESTAR’s MV Teaser For “You’re Pitiful” Looks Very Promising


Given the teaser photos that have been circulating for a little while, it’s not entirely surprising to learn that FIESTAR’s latest comeback for “You’re Pitiful” looks to be a rather suitable follow up to “One More.”

Although the track sounds like it will be much more mellow than the addictive disco crack that was The Official Best Song of 2014 According to Yellow Slug, “You’re Pitiful” sounds like its planning to mitigate its softer sound with some high, purposeful keys and FIESTAR’s impossibly long legs.

Also, if you’re a fan of Jei, this is shaping up to look like your kind of jam (if you’re waiting for any other member to get some shine, uh, maybe next time).

Encouragingly, this one could have an actual story line to go with all the ass shaking! I mean, it probably won’t outside of a couple of sad shots of Jei and A Dude Who Is Cheating/Behaving Badly because dance-in-a-box concepts are almost as inevitable as my fawning over Linzy but a man can dream, right?

“You’re Pitiful” and my inevitable lamentations about the lack of Cao Lu are coming out on March 4th.



  1. clrfcation · · Reply

    awww “lack of Cao Lu” so sad but so true…
    P.S. you’re awesome. i’m about halfway through all the archives 😛

    1. Haha thanks! Enjoy the blog.

  2. Damn, look at Cao Lu and Linzy in the top photo. It’s time like these that I think Cheska leaving might have been the best thing for Fiestar.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen their prior resident English speaker all dolled up pretty too, but I think once their spunky ex lead-rapper with “wacky 4d personality (whatever than means)” left the group, someone in LOEN (bless his/her soul) decided to let the girls stop singing nursery rhythms and become the sensual women that they are. Gorgeous.

  3. Oh man, I’m already addicted the song.

    Also, not sure whether it’s the angle of the video but look at them gams!
    Cao Lu and Linzy are killing me with those legs, although I think dancing on top a flimsy chair in heels is courting danger.

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