Waifu Wednesday: Yezi

yezi fiestar ww cover

Lee Ye Ji (better known by her stage name Yezi) is a South Korean idol rapper and singer. She is best known for being the maknae in girl group FIESTAR.

When one sees the titles “maknae” and “rapper” as a K-Pop idol’s titles, it is usually safe to assume that the idol was signed more for their looks than their ability to spit bars. Yezi is an exception to all of that.  Before her debut with FIESTAR, Yezi had already released a couple of mistakes and she had garnered a netizen following. The girl could throw down.

She may be the maknae of FIESTAR and she may be the group’s main rapper but there’s no doubt that she earned that title. It doesn’t hurt that she also happens to be as hot as the stereotypical K-Pop rapper tends to be either.


Yezi should be more impossible than dividing by zero.

Achieves world peace in one instance.

Achieves world peace in one instance.

Yezi is so hot that she’s often mistaken for a heat wave.

Need more than one more.

Need more than one more.

Yezi is more mythical and spits hotter fire than a thousand dragons.

God bless those pants.

God bless those pants.

Yezi’s sexiness can physically move mountains.



Yezi is so talented that she exists outside of heaven’s grading curve.

Clap along.

Clap along.


runway dying



  1. Yezi, Linzy, and Hyemi make up the underrated trio of Fiestar. For a while it was Ciao Lu but she’s rightfully been gaining fans recently, Jei was hogging the fans for quite a while XD.

  2. Teaser. This might be good.

    1. It would be great if with their first mini-album they had more success. They have had good singles that I enjoy listening too. There isn’t one of their singles that I don’t like. They just seem to have struggled a bit to get attention, which is a problem for a lot of girl groups in an overcrowded market. At least being with Loen, they are with a company that has resources, so unlike a small company they can struggle a bit and not end up bankrupt.

  3. @Yoonhwa, it’s hard to be a member of anything with Jei. That woman is a model, who just happens to sing, dance and front Fiestar. See exhibit:
    Yezi’s does in fact physically move mountains each time she dances *ahem*.

    @Shadow, I like what I’ve heard and seen so far.

    Their ‘Black Label’ album is dropping 04Mar. The girls look amazing in the promo photos. Linzy has toned up and looks even hotter than before, if that’s humanly possible.

    1. Now that’s some musical chairs!

  4. You know you are going to run out someday. Boram is inevitable.

    1. True, there have to be 50 new soloists or girl group members debuting per year that are at least on anyone’s radar and have pictures to not run out eventually. It will be funny though when he is still doing this in 20 some odd years and it’s Yoona’s daughter or Bora’s daughter that is on Waifu Wednesday.

      1. I don’t think so. Not at the rate they are churning out new K-Pop artists/groups
        #JusticeForBoram #BoramInDenial

    2. I will feature pop artists from distant galaxies before I reach Boram.

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