Lim Kim Barely Hints At A Comeback Which Is Good Enough For This Thirsty Fan

kim ye rim lim kim

Is there a date attached? Nope. Is there an official statement from her company? Nope. Is there anything other than a vague social media post alluding to a potential comeback? Nope.


Lim Kim (also known as Kim Ye Rim) may be making a comeback soon, so here’s an official post celebrating that maybe-sorta-definitely-not-confirmed news.

The singer recently uploaded the above picture of herself along with a simple, yet infuriatingly vague, message:

“I am doing work these days.  Soon.

Kim’s last comeback occurred towards the end of 2013 when she released her album Goodbye 20. The album’s comeback single was utterly fantastic as it took full advantage of Kim’s neosoul-like inflection to make a stupidly breezy and infectious pop song.

Lim Kim may not have done anything more than maaaaaybe tease a comeback but given her excellent track record, I’m going to shamelessly stan her like there’s no tomorrow when she so much as stands near a microphone.



  1. Count me in as excited. Coloring and Allright are two of my Kpop faves, and I can’t wait to hear something new from her. And she’s got great wheels, too.

    1. Her legs are a monument to the human species.

      1. Yes, she really is very pretty and fortunately for her as an artist, but unfortunately for us as fans of not just her singing, but her attractiveness, she isn’t at an agency that seems to put appearance before talent. Is it me or does she remind anyone else a bit of Nana facially.

  2. I love her voice. Hope she does another breezy track ‘Goodbye 20’. I really like some of the tracks on her last album but playing it too much will get me depressed if I’m not already in a pensive mood (looking at you ‘Urban Green’ and ‘Without Knowing it All’).

  3. She seems to be at the perfect agency to take advantage of that unique voice of hers. Yoon Jong Shin’s agency seems like a great fit as I think he doesn’t just look at what will be a big commercial hit, but rather what fits his artists and if it becomes a hit, great. I’ve seen her appear on Happy Together and she seems like a very nice young woman, so she is easy to root for in addition to clearly being talented and pretty.

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