Jessica Jung Is In A Recording Studio!!!! (To Market For A Watch Dealer)

jessica jung blanc eclare scarf

The question of whether Jessica Jung will start recording music again has been on the minds of Ice Princess fans since she was dumped from SNSD.

So, there is always understandable interest when Jessica is seen in a recording studio. Pictures like this, which Jessica uploaded to her Instagram on Friday, are basically the social media equivalent of click-bait.

Of course, there’s no actual news here. A picture of Jessica Jung’s back in a recording studio doesn’t really confirm much of anything other than Jessica is A) alive and B) still has flawless hair.

Instead, the post seems to have been made entirely to expose brand Azad Watches which ” sells custom blinged out watches from Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Hublot, Patek Philippe, and more.”

What better way to generate some small business favors for yourself than simply sitting in a recording studio and giving a shout out in a caption. Would 142,000 people know what the fuck Azad Watches was without the brilliant native marketing of the Ice Princess?



We are nothing but puppets dancing on Jessica’s stage.




  1. I’m pumped.

    Totally ready for Jessica to do some music.

    (Does anybody know if thats really Sica in the picture?)

    1. black soshi · · Reply

      The hair is pretty much a dead give-away.

  2. I will be shocked if we see anything from Jessica before SNSD’s next release and even then only if SNSDs release is back to the commercial success of “I Got a Boy” or “The Boys.” If it did like “Mr. Mr.” or worse, I think SM would not let Jessica release anything just out of fear that her release was more successful than SNSD’s and would get tongues wagging again about that whole fiasco and rightly or wrongly, that the group misses Jessica musically and that was the reason for their poor performing new release. It would have no truthful basis, but it is a PR headache that SM likely would not want. Even if SNSD has a great release I don’t know if SM would let Jessica record a solo effort. Jessica dropping into studios regularly and snapping pics does keep pressure on SM to an extent to use her, but with her contract it isn’t a use her or else situation.

    If she can’t pressure SM into doing something with her by the end of this year, I would anticipate her buying out the last two years of her contract and walking away from SM. SM might be glad to be rid of her in some ways as she is a no-win situation for them anymore. If they don’t promote her or appear to intentionally under-promote her (Bad material and a minimal effort in an effort to hope it buries here for the next two years as an under-performer no worthy of further solo investment) they get nailed to a cross by her fans, and if they do promote her and she does well, SNSD’s fans nail them to a cross for embarrassing the group like that.

    I am a bit surprised that SM didn’t just cut her loose quietly several months after the initial furor died down as it looks pretty clear to me that they aren’t earning anything from her now and likely won’t in the future either. Though of course SM likely knew they were in the driver’s seat financially still in that they might not be able to do much with her, but they could still get a big payday out of her by making her get so fed up with them that she has to buy her way out of her contract. SM has to know there isn’t really anything they can do with her to make money off of her unless she goes along with it at this point. At the same time Jessica knows she can’t do anything without SM’s buy-in. She has done very few shoots that likely weren’t already in the can when the news came down, isn’t going to get any new CF’s with all the controversy surrounding her and her status with SM, probably wasn’t likely to get any drama gigs to begin with, and no musical will want to cast her as there is too much uncertainty about her future status with SM.

    I suspect there is just a lot of long-drawn out lawyering going on behind the scenes between Jessica’s camp and SM over what it will take to get that contract nullified and let her become a free agent. Once that gets settled we will likely see Jessica try to get back in the studio again, though it may not be with a Korean entertainment company.

    You would hope that SM wouldn’t try to screw with her after she maybe did get out of her contract, but when you look at how SM has screwed with JYJ for years you do wonder. At least in China or Japan SM doesn’t have much pull if a label there is interested in her. In Korea, a label might be interested, but realizes that SM could squeeze her from TV shows the same way them do with JYJ. Now what would be funny is if Jessica then signed with JYJ’s label as a big FU to SM. JYJ has been quite successful even with SM’s ongoing tampering partly because they formed their own label, so they didn’t have to worry about their former boss screwing with their new one by not just squeezing JYJ, but any brother and sister acts at the same label. JYJ’s label might be one of the few labels in Korea that might touch her especially if her split with SM is acrimonious.

  3. One question I have is whether many of Jessica’s fans have the money to buy those watches as those are already very expensive watches I believe before they get “blinged” out (Whatever that really means). Those aren’t the watches of the middle class or teenagers on a normal allowance or part-time job earnings I would presume. I guess it only takes a few Chaebol princesses or daughters of a Chinese billionaire to turn that investment in Jessica dropping a hashtag into a money winner though with the margins that typically exist on jewelry and watches. I suppose Jessica may have some well-heeled followers that her people know about and that a company like that wants to get in front of with an endorsement from her.

  4. Is it me, or does it look like that entire sound board is powered by a glorified Nintendo Game Boy with an old black and white LED screen.

    Sound Engineer Jerry: “Bob, quit playing Super Mario Brothers in the bathroom and give me back my sound board master computer or we won’t get any work done to today.”
    Jessica: “Bob, I got next on the game boy for Mario Kart.”
    Sound Engineer Jerry: “No, Jessica, we need to get this recording done.”
    Jessica: “Aw, to hell with the recording. I just need to kill time until Tyler picks me up. SM won’t release it anyway.”

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    I love her so much that its frightening.

    1. Especially to her security staff now that they know that…lol.

  6. I think the possibility of SM making money with Jessica in entertainment endeavors OUTSIDE of music is why they re-signed her. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is much more lucrative, especially in the short term.

    Most of the SNSD girls have had some success in tv dramas or commerical films/advertisments. I don’t really like Sica as much as everyone else & so am really not aware of her talents re:acting, but she is a beautiful girl AND ex-SNSD so she still has marketability, regardless of whether she has any real ‘acting’ talent.

    I see SM putting her to work on magazine cover & product-ad photo-shoots sometime this year. Then if she can act & get an offer, into a drama or something while the contract lasts. SM is not stupid & ‘sica-gate’ asside, they’ve got a lot of $ invested in her.

  7. Sica should just spend time learning Chinese and put out a mini with tracks in Chinese and Japanese (also Korean because no need to burn more bridges). Since her fanbase was bigger in both those countries it should go over well relatively speaking..

    She obviously isn’t going to make SNSD numbers but at least she’d be putting out product that all her fans can afford instead of the jajillion dollar fashion items. After a point you have to give your fanbase something – look at Sera releasing music for free on the ‘net.

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