Waifu Wednesday: Alice

alice hello venus ww cover

Song Joohee (better known by her stage name Alice) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the lead vocalist and face of K-Pop professional wigglers Hello Venus.

Song Joohee was actually a solo artist for a brief time before she became Alice of Hello Venus. Back in 2010, she went as Ora and released a music video for “Naughty Face,” which seemed to be a love letter to Lady Gaga more than anything else.

Still, one can see from this why Alice was eventually tapped as one of Hello Venus’ lead vocalists and the face of a group that also has Lime and Nara. She can hold a tune well and she seems comfortable with a variety of genres, from the hip-pop of “Wiggle Wiggle” (good lord, “Wiggle Wiggle”) to the bubblegum pop of past Hello Venus songs to the disco pop of her single solo effort. She is also unbelievably hot and works blond hair about as well as anyone in K-Pop. If she ever releases a solo again, you can bet that I’ll be paying rapt attention.


Alice is so sexy that she is Aphrodite’s aphrodisiac.

Ahoy there.

Ahoy there.

Alice’s beauty is so devastating that humanity needs support groups to not be consumed by it.

Hello, my name is Slug and I'm an Alice-oholic.

Hello, my name is Slug and I’m an Alice-oholic.

The talent that Alice brings to the table can only be held on a freighter.

Yes to everything here. Just yes.

Yes to everything here. Just yes.

Alice is so amazing that she flabbergasts the inhabitants of Wonderland (*groan).

I support what's going on here.

I support what’s going on here.

Alice is so pretty that her face can easily launch a thousand ships (either the real kind or the internet fan-fic variety).

Yup, happily dying.

Yup, happily dying.


Lawd baby



  1. I know this is a Waifu post for Alice but Nara’s face~ I can’t >< ❤

    1. Yeah, Nara is a big ole pile of “can’t handle”

  2. Thanks for letting me know that this funny clip exists 🙂

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