Rainbow’s “Black Swan” Teaser Is Appropriately Bleak And Creepy

rainbow black swan

In preparation for their first comeback since 2013, still-kicking K-Pop group Rainbow has released a teaser for its “Black Swan” music video.

Equally parts hot and creepy, “Black Swan” looks like it should have been made in October because good lord, slowly played piano, old-timey record effects and walls dripping black goop are the tropes of my nightmares.

Rainbow appears to be going for a more serious and mature look and sound which should be a welcomed a relief  after group’s two previous mediocre sugar-puff  releases of 2013. The lack of colors and use of grimey film effects gives the whole teaser the feel of a nightmarish fashion shoot and I can’t deny that it’s effective in making me curious about what shape the song will take.

I can do without the distorted soundbite at the end though. Rainbow can keep that one or save it for their take on “The Ring.”

At the very least, “Innocent” will mean more Jaekyung which is never a bad thing.

Creepy? Hot? Creepy-hot?

Scary? Sexy? Scary-sexy?

I am fully preparing to shit myself when this is released on February 23rd (because I am a big baby when it comes to creepy stuff).







  1. I’m really looking forward to this. DSP better not screw them over this time round.

    1. with ya on both counts.

  2. If they can pull off a song something like Hybrid’s “Disappear Here”, with this video, then I’m all in. I like the creep factor, sets a good dark atmosphere. This could be really good; and I hope so for Rainbow. Really like this group, and they do deserve better.

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