Lizzy Teams Up With Park Myung Soo For “Goodbye PMS” MV And It’s Freaking Magical

goodbye pms lizzy park myung soo

Full disclosure: I sat here for about ten minutes trying to write up a “proper” review of “Goodbye PMS” but couldn’t due to how unbelievably awesome it is and how much my sides hurt while watching it.

Each word I tried to add to explain Lizzy’s masterpiece only diminished its greatness (that and it’s a Friday and my mind is pretty much a melted blob by this point).

So, I humbly and happily conceded mental defeat to the glory of Lizzy Park.

Instead, I will just recommend sitting back and enjoying the spectacle of Park Myung Soo (starring as the physical embodiment of premenstrual syndrome) and Lizzy fighting as daikaiju rampaging through a CGI city. You know, just like the After School/Orange Caramel goddess intended.

Seriously, how does a song about PMS have better production value, a more catchy chorus and a legitimately more poppy beat than 99% of K-Pop songs out there? No, really. THIS PEPPY POP SONG ABOUT A TIME IN A WOMAN’S MENSTRUAL CYCLE IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD AND WELL WORTH YOUR TIME (a sentence that I never thought I’d ever type in my life, even after starting this blog).

What’s wrong with me?
My face is going crazy,
I keep getting pimples, getting ugly,
(You were born like that.)

What do I do?
I can’t stop overeating,
I eat and eat but still feel hungry,
(Open your mouth, ahhh.)

I think I’ve become a monster,
I’m so depressed,
I keep getting irritated.

That day is coming again,
I’m not me right now,
Don’t stay next to me, it’s dangerous,
That day is coming again,
I can’t take it anymore,
Please leave me, goodbye PMS,
Goodbye PMS, goodbye PMS,
Goodbye PMS, goodbye PMS.

Lizzy is a god damn miracle worker.



Lizzy is magic.

Lizzy is magic.




  1. Kpoptartsarerebestpoptarts · · Reply

    It’s really funny that this completely came out of nowhere and just blew the much more hyped Crazy and Shake That Brass right out of the water. You just never know what’s going to happen next in the Kpop world. Part of why I’m still sucked in after all these years.

    1. Yup, stuff like this is why K-Pop is hilarious and very entertaining in ways that you can’t really find Stateside.

  2. That was a wild video. Good stuff (be better with captioning), still pretty good following along with the video. The pillow scene at the end killed me; that was a good laugh.

  3. That was f-ing hilarious!! I love every bit of it. Makes me want to learn Korean even more. (I’m sure there was some inside jokes on the web-page shown).

    I don’t what was better, him stuffing her face with food or the Godzilla like battle over Seoul!!

    What fun. Must watch again.

  4. F**king awesome video. The battle scenes look like they came out of a movie. Well done, Lizzy.

  5. Lizzy does get to make some really interesting videos

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