Waifu Wednesday: Jiyoon

jiyoon 4minute ww cover

Jeon Ji Yoon (better known as Jiyoon) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, rapper and song writer. She is best known for being the lead vocalist and lead rapper in K-Pop group 4Minute and the rapper in 4Minute’s sub-unit 2Yoon.

Being the other rapper in a group that already has a Kim Hyuna in it is not the most envious of positions but Jiyoon has miraculously managed it well. Part of that is due to the fact that she’s quite stunning in her own right but a large part of the reason that Jiyoon is able to stand out is that she sings and raps with equal aplomb. Unlike a lot of K-Pop rappers, Jiyoon doesn’t rap and sing-rap depending on what’s required of her. She can straight up rap and still hold a note as well as any standard vocalist in the genre.

Luckily, Cube Entertainment seems to know that they have a versatile talent on their hands and Jiyoon has been given opportunities to sing and rap consistently within her own group and 2Yoon (which will hopefully release something new in the future). She may also be the best thing about “Crazy” and that’s saying something.


Jiyoon is so hot that the sun seeks shade from her.

Look upon perfection and weep.

Look upon perfection and weep.

Jiyoon is so stunning that her gaze has been mistaken for Medusa’s.

Nothing hurts.

Nothing hurts.

Jiyoon’s looks could melt mountains.

Dat hair though.

Dat hair though.

Jiyoon is so miraculous that scientists are treating her as a new phenomenon.

At attention.

At attention.

Jiyoon is so sexy that she attracts whole galaxies.

So much flare.

So much flare.


Shia omg



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    The last gif was literally my favorite thing about Volume up. I’m a sucker for that move.

    1. That move is so fierce I still have trouble handling it.

  2. Video of “Ask in a Box”, with 4 Minute. I think its Jiyoon in the green hair.

    Would like to see 2Yoon take off. But country-kpop is still a little weird.

  3. Jiyoon makes me speechless in the best of ways ❤

  4. Jiyoon rocks and I dare say could have been the headliner for 4Minute, if not for the firecracker known as Hyuna. And if you’re going to mention Jiyoon in Immortal Song, how about her winning performance here where she absolutely rules. She’s such a high-octane pro and a pleasure to see perform.

    P.S. yes, Country K-Pop is really weird. 2Yoon sound try another genre.

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    In my humble opinion Jiyoon is the best singer in 4Minute. Best rapper, writer, she’s even started to dabble in production as well. One of the most talented female idols for sure. C-R-A-Z-Y. My first 4Minute bias too. Of course that’s ch ch ch changed but its all good.

  6. Good choice with Jiyoon. You don’t see many idols that are pretty much equally adept at dancing, singing, and rapping. Most excel at one, and are just kind of average or below average at the others. A few will be really good at two, but not many can hold their own at all three.

  7. Jiyoon gives me so much life. On her last gif she’s wearing the same bodysuit as Fei in her miss A concert.

    Sorry to do do this but, you know, I had to share some freaking WANG FEI FEI

    1. Never apologize for sharing Wang Fei Fei. Never.

  8. ‘Crazy’ made me take notice to her, and I’m sad I didn’t earlier.

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