The “Beautiful” Lyric Video Has Me (Even More) Hyped For f(x)’s Amber’s Solo Debut

amber fx beautiful

Although the title track for Amber’s solo debut will be a hip-pop track entitled “Shake That Brass,” the f(x) rapper has already released a lyric video for one of her solo singles – “Beautiful.”

Demonstrating that she can really do it all, the single showcases Amber’s singing skills as well as her composing and lyric-writing abilities. Sigh, is there anything that this woman can’t do?

SM Entertainment has also released the first teaser for “Shake That Brass.” Although it’s hard to parse much about what the final product will sound like (or how Taeyeon will factor into things), the song appears to be a fast-tempo hip-hop beat which employs, GASP, brass.

The genres of the two songs both fall under the pop umbrella but they don’t share many surface similarities outside of that. However, Amber has reportedly had a hand in writing and composing the album, so the “standing out in a crowd” aspect of the “Shake That Brass” teaser and the tale of overcoming hardships that she outlines in “Beautiful” dovetail nicely and makes me pretty excited to digest the whole thing when it is released on February 13th.

It may be a bit early to crown this debut a winner but if Amber can knock her single out of the park (and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t) then SM Entertainment’s decision to have their Taiwanese-American rapper be the first f(x) member to get a solo debut will be more than validated.



  1. Wow. I had no idea she could sing that well (never followed f/x) ‘Beautiful’ is just really nice. BUT, as with too many of the KPOP stars, I still wonder if she can sing that well live or whether this is typical Korean-music-factory studio/auto-tune work.

    I never really liked her, but I can see now I will have to re-consider my opinion.

    1. She’s really the only Kpop girl group member that I don’t think is smoking hot. But she was great on IY2 and since then I’ve always liked her. She just seems like a giant bundle of fun. And she’s BFFs with Min, so she’s got that going for her.

      1. She friend’s with everybody regardless of which company they are at or what their gender is it seems like. Because she is tomboyish and her looks aren’t threatening to other girls and young women (Pretty, but not too pretty), she is one of the few women in K-pop who can dare talk with let alone hang out with members of a boy band and not have the Saesang fans of their oppa start putting out hits on her for the offense of fraternizing with him.

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