Review: 4Minute – “Crazy” Is Straight Fire


After releasing a music video that was outside their usual MO in “Cold Rain,” 4Minute has now released their proper title track for their comeback, “Crazy.” And while “Cold Rain” may have been a ballad-like departure for the quintet, “Crazy” is a pure distillation of the 4Minute sound which also happens to rank among the group’s best efforts.

The most amazing thing about “Crazy” is that it manages to pace itself as nicely as it does. The production borders on manic. Transitions come and go with barely a warning. Drum rolls appear out of nowhere before disappearing with all the swiftness of a hand wave. Horns, sirens, electronic whoops and shattered glass swirl together to make a blizzard of noise that is miraculously melodic. Describing “Crazy” makes one sound insane but that’s honestly why it works so well. The beat marches on with a determined fervor and never lets up.



The vocals are the main reason why the beat can get away with employing a whole kitchen sink of hip-pop tricks. With as many sound effects (and that’s really what it is) as “Crazy” goes through, the vocals have to keep pace and give structure to everything. Luckily, 4Minute  more than holds it own (Hell, between this and “Volume Up,” 4Minute have shown that they can hold down a beat when called upon). Hyuna tears through her rap bits while Sohyun and Jiyoon effortlessly blend rapping and singing without missing a beat. Critically, Jihyun and Gayoon put forth some flawlessly powerful vocal performances which help balance the frenetic pace of the production and singing/rapping that surround them. There is never a moment where 4Minute doesn’t feel in charge of the production, no matter how many disparate sounds are thrown their way. The group is able to convey a tone which perfectly toes the line between cockiness and arrogance. “Crazy” may be chaotic but 4Minute turns it into controlled chaos. “Crazy” is what “I Got a Boy” should have been.

In total control.

In total control.

The video doesn’t excite nearly as much as the music does but it gets the job done. “Crazy” is a pretty standard “dance-in-a-box” concept which uses a black and white filter and calls it a day. The members snarl and wear bucket hats and look hot while doing so. Strangely, because the music is so fast-paced, the usual headache-inducing editing of K-Pop videos works with “Crazy.” The rapid-fire strobe lights, half-second cuts and blazing quick pans are disorientating but they fit within the context of the music and the choreography which appears to be a lot of synchronized shimmying and shaking. The black and white filter keeps the video from getting too overbearing and the small dashes of color add nice pop. It’s pretty boilerplate stuff but when the song is already as packed as it is, having a standard video to go with it is a bit of a relief.

Also, Jihyun is a goddess.

Aaaaaand I'm dead.

Aaaaaand I’m dead.

The year is young but 4Minute may have already released one of the strongest releases of 2015. “Crazy” is a blast. The production stuffs so much into a short three minutes but 4Minute knows what to do when given an intense electro-pop beat. They take the reins and turn what could have been a train wreck in the hands of a less experienced group into an unforgettable high-wire act. Most impressive of all is how every member contributes to the success of the song. “Crazy” is not the Hyuna show at all. Every member of 4Minute throws themselves at “Crazy” and none of them can be pointed at as a weak link. Every single one of their performances delivers. “Crazy” is sprawling yet precise. It is energetic yet measured. It is 4Minute operating at their best.



  1. I’ve been waiting for your review for this the moment this was released just to see whether I’m not just being 4minute biased bc this is such a BOP

    I didnt expect how much spot on your review was gonna be though. Your last paragraph pretty much sums it all (at least what I personally feel about the song), thanks again yellowslug!

    1. Thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated.

  2. Not sure about the album so far. maybe it will be like I Got a Boy where you just have to listen to it a lot.

    1. Gonna still have to give the album a listen. Hopefully, it’s close to this in quality.

  3. I’m a 4Minute fan but must admit that I was hoping for a better melody. This reminds of Hyuna’s chaotic ‘Red’ mixed with some Indian folk song. Guess I’m just an old geezer.
    That said, it’s great to see the ladies bringing it with such a high-energy release. Jiyoon is in her element in the MV and the album cover looks amaaaaaazing. For a group that’s been around for as long as they have, this is no easy feat. Now excuse me while I go listen to the rest of the mini-album.

    1. This one clicked for me automatically but I can see where you’re coming from. It took me a little while to like “Red”.

      1. See I liked Red right away, and on the first listen to this all I could think was that Hyuna did it better. But after a few more listens I quickly understood the differences and the awesomeness of Crazy. Like Mirror, Mirror, Crazy has an epic feel to it-it’s just bigger. And if Hyuna gets any hotter she’s going to spontaneously combust.

  4. Totally loving this song. I’ve been replaying it since it came out.

    I’m nominating Jiyoon for Waifu Wednesday btw. Love me some Jiyoon.

    1. Oh my. Thank you for nominating her because I had forgotten that I hadn’t done a Waifu Wednesday on her yet.

      1. You’re welcome 🙂

      2. black soshi · ·

        It looks like some good gifs of Jiyoon can come from this video! She rules.

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    Can’t wait to have this in the car. It has to just slam. Its a little on the hip hop side for me, but it really does kick ass. I will buy this album. I like to support the groups I stan. PSA for those that don’t know, buying a physical album of kpop artists comes with a treasure trove of goodies, pics, stickers, etc. Not to mention unbelievable packaging. True collectibles.
    Nice review Slug.

  6. 4Minute fans are freaking out over this reaction video and the comparison to YG, but I have to admit that there it also reflects how feel about this song. Great build up and pre-chorus followed by a lazy rap/messy chorus, borrowing liberally from ‘Red’. Could still be a successful dance hit though.

  7. Still not sure about the song but this live performance kicks so much ass. IMHO, it’s even better than the official MV as it shows off the girls’ slick moves.

    All the ladies looks great, but HYUNA TOTALLY KILLS IT !! All hail the Queen.

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