Netizens Get All Butthurt Because Suzy Wasn’t At Jia’s Birthday Party

jia b day 5

In this week’s netizen overreaction based entirely on social media posts, there is now “evidence” of an irreparable rift between Suzy and the other three members of miss A.

What evidence?

Jia’s birthday photos.

Jia recently shared photos from her birthday party that left fans smiling at her close bond with her fellow labelmates and other idols. However, some fans took notice of the fact that fellow member Suzy was noticeably absent, further fueling rumors that there may be discord among Suzy and the other members of miss A.

jia bday 4

Yes, “damningly,” Min and Fei were present for Jia’s birthday bash (along with SNSD’s Hyoyeon, 2 AM’s Jo Kwon and 4Minute’s Hyuna among a herd of people) but Suzy was not photographed as being at the festivities. Also, while Suzy retweeted birthday tweets for labelmates Junho and Bernard Park, she did not hit the retweet button for miss A members’ birthdays which, as we all know, is the true measure of a person’s relationship with their peers.

Leaving aside the fact that these are professional entertainers and “making good pop music” has nothing to do with “being BFF’s forever and ever untill the end of time,” can we instead take the time to truly appreciate the glory of this birthday party?

A party which features professional Troublemaker Hyuna cozying up to the guest of honor?

Go on...

Go on…

A party that features true loves Min and Hyoyeon?

Not Jia's b-day but who cares.

Not Jia’s b-day but who cares.

I am channeling that guy on the right.

I am channeling that guy on the right.


Thug life.

Thug life.

And y’all want to focus on Suzy?

If I add one more question mark, maybe she'll respond!

If I add one more question mark, maybe she’ll respond!

Get outta here.



  1. Sure, netizens are crazy. Also this shows Suzy is so beloved that people will rise up her defend her no matter the evidence.

    Ps, those Hyo and Min pics. They need a collab. More amazingly trashtastic than Wassup.

    1. It would be glorious.

  2. A party. With Min, Hyoyeon, Fei, and Hyuna. And probably booze. If there was ever a time that the phrase “I can’t even” was appropriate it would be right now.

    1. See, this is the appropriate reaction.

  3. tbh ur reviews are the best this side of kpop i have ever seen

    1. Aw, thanks. Means a lot to get feedback like this.

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