Waifu Wednesday: Sohyun

sohyun ww cover

Kwon So-hyun (better known as Sohyun) is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the maknae of K-Pop nominal Hyuna marketing tool and girl group 4Minute.

Despite being the maknae in her group, 4Minute is actually the second group with which Sohyun has worked. At the age of 12, Sohyun debuted with a group called Orange, but due to the fact that internet dickery knows no bounds, that group disbanded due to anti-cafes and “harsh criticism” from netizens. Although initially discouraged, Sohyun soon began auditioning again and eventually found herself a home in what would be 4Minute (coincidentally, after Soyou left 4Minute for SISTAR). Now, Sohyun finds herself comfortably entrenched in one of K-Pop’s more popular groups. It’s a bit unfortunate that, out of everyone in the group, Sohyun feels like she’s the most underutilized. She has not been given a sub-unit like Gayoon and Jiyoon. She’s not the leader like Jihyun. Critically, her skills sort of overlap with Hyuna’s and Hyuna pretty much IS 4Minute. Hopefully, she’ll get more opportunities to shine in the future. If she doesn’t, at least she can dazzle the world with her good looks and archery skills (which are only closely matched by Bora because Bora is a stone-cold killer when it comes to sports).


Sohyun is so sweet that her smile causes sugar highs.

Dem shorts though.

Dem shorts though.

Sohyun is so pretty that mirrors melt at the very sight of her.

Burning down the internet.

Burning down the internet.

Sohyun’s charm is so bright that staring into it for too long can cause blindness.

Turning the volume up.

Turning the volume up.

Sohyun is so talented that she can hit Cupid with an arrow.

Jihyun wins.

Jihyun wins.

Sohyun is so hot that she wrecks thermal readings of the planet.

Pure comeback hype.

Pure comeback hype.


scrubs spazzing



  1. Funny comment regarding Bora and sports. She is a stone-cold killer in sports or anything competitive for that matter. I don’t know if any other woman in K-pop is as competitive as Bora. She always seems to go for the win even when it isn’t sports. One saw that a lot on IY2 as things that weren’t even a contest she seemed to turn into one. There are some idols that are just as athletic as Bora, but she seems to have an attitude and nerves that give her an edge. Sometimes though I think her raw ability such as in sprinting exceeds her technical ability and she trips from maybe pushing herself harder than she is trained for.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    The Volume Up outfit is where she looks best. Sohyun is kinda of iffy with me, I don’t think she’s hot but yet she’s not not hot. Kudos for using the “let’s almost rub our breasts together Hyuna” pic.
    And female idol archery is the best thing ever.

    1. This ^

      Yeah, that pic works.

    2. What do you mean “almost”

  3. “K-Pop nominal Hyuna marketing tool and girl group 4Minute.”

    Interesting comment.

  4. Thanks for sharing the archery video. I could have swore Bora was going to hit three 10s in a row. That woman is scary good.

    Speaking of Sohyun, it is hard to imagine but she’s a bona fide K-Pop veteran at the current age of 20. It blows my mind that she has achieved more than most singers before even graduating from high school.

  5. Sohyun is a real cutie even tho she is probably the 5th attractive girl in 4minute. She also has noticeably more meat on her bones than most kpoptarts.

    The archery thing is really neat too.

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