Clara Lee Accused Of Manipulating “Most Beautiful” List By Netizens Is Your Tin-Foil Stupidity Of The Day

Witness greatness.

As the news cycle of K-Pop is kept abreast by rumors and innuendo as much as it is by actual music releases, Clara Lee and her representatives were forced to address rumors that she stuffed the ballot box of Mode’s “100 Most Beautiful Women in the World 2014” list or something.

Apparently, the nefariousness of Clara knows no bounds.

Back in October 28, 2014, Clara received attention when she was featured as second place on ‘Mode’s ‘100 Most Beautiful Women in the World 2014.’ Netizens are now speculating that Clara may have manipulated the rankings as they discovered that she worked with ‘Mode’ on August 31 in Florida for a photoshoot, two months prior to the list’s publication.

By golly, it’s almost like networking and having a previous relationship with an entertainment publication can lead to favorable plugs every now and then! Shame on this lifestyle magazine for possibly not compiling their arbitrary list of 100 pretty faces with the utmost journalistic integrity.



As Clara and her representatives hopelessly pointed out, the whole issue is dumb and the idea that Clara would “manipulate the results” (How would she do that anyways? Break into the Mode editor’s office to make some last minute changes to the article?) is about the riskiest thing that someone could do for such a pointless, second-place (!) award.

On January 30, Clara’s representatives said to the press, “It doesn’t make sense that Clara would manipulate the rankings. It’s not worth responding to this.” They continued, “In the past, Clara even said herself in an interview that she thinks the reason she was ranked was because of their connection.

Yes, even before netizens donned their Sherlock Holmes caps, Clara had already freely admitted that she probably got the (again, second place) honor because of her previous working relationship with Mode.

I have had contact with them in the past with a photoshoot. It seems like that connection resulted in my high ranking; thank you.

Things have not been going well for Clara lately. The court of public opinion has seemingly turned against her since her sexual harassment claims and she’s essentially cancelled all of her domestic and international activities for the time being. Both are serious matters which will greatly impact her career.

This though? Just stupid. The only egregious thing about Mode’s rankings is that they didn’t give Clara first place.



  1. Clara should just say “FUCK YOU!” to the Korean entertainment industry. It’s totally corrupt and hypocritical. These forced “time to reflect” things are ridiculous. She has the looks and talent to go to Hollywood.

  2. From what I’ve been seeing she royally fucked up the whole harassment thing. Of course powerful peoe have a way of turning things like this against the accuser so I’m willing to give her some slack. But the idiots on the internet will not and they smell blood in the water. She’s pretty much screwed.

  3. I sure hope Clara isn’t making up the stuff about being sexually harassed otherwise she fucks every woman with a legitimate claim as every high profile case like this where someone lied about it is remembered and immediately brought up when someone else makes a claim that seems dubious making it all the more difficult for someone who has a legitimate claim to be believed by law enforcement, the courts, the press, and the public. That’s too serious an issue to lie about it over something as petty as a contract you no longer like after you just skulked out on another one just a year or so earlier.

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