Jessica Jung Rumored To Have Washed Her Hands Of SM Entertainment, Still In Top Ice Princess Form


It is now being reported that Jessica Jung may have terminated her contract with SM Entertainment. Since this is basically a rumor that has sprung from Jessica’s Chinese fan cafe, take it with a grain of salt.

The rumor is based on a Weibo post made by Jessica’s official fan club in China, Jung SooYeon Bar, on January 28, which states that according to Jessica’s Hong Kong PR manager Mr. Ting, Jessica’s contract with SM has been terminated.

The move would be unsurprising if true. There was no way that Jessica and SM were going to work well together after SM decided to remove Jessica from SNSD.

Jessica has expressed interest in a solo career given that she possesses “the blood of an entertainer” so it will be interesting to see what she’ll do next if she has indeed been freed from her SM Entertainment contract. Jessica has largely been focused on her fashion line BLANC & ECLARE and there haven’t been many rumors about her music career as of late (outside of an odd appearance alongside Ja Rule and a statement by a Venetian Casino manager).

In the mean time, we can at least bask in the glory that is the Ice Princess shooting down media members like a particularly prickly Marshawn Lynch. This gem occurred during a meet-and-greet with Chinese reporters on Wednesday and is further proof that the world needs more Jessica Jung in it right now.

Yuri who? Jealous what?

Long live the Ice Princess. May her hopefully inevitable tell-all book be a New York Times bestseller.





  1. There is no way its that easy to cancel the contract with SM. I don’t believe it will be Jessica’s decision if it is canceled; SM holds the cards not her.

    1. That’s assuming SM was involved in the decision to boot her from the group. However it seems like SM was caught completely off-guard by her booting as they had to scramble to do spin control. She may have had to buy it out, but I doubt it would have cost her much to do so under the circumstances. She may have had to sign something that she won’t promote in Korea for the remainder of the current SNSD contract or sign with another Korean agency. To be honest if SM wasn’t really involved in her booting from the group they may actually be relieved that they don’t have to honor the contract and if they failed to promote her adequately she could maybe sue them for damages. It’s just a bad situation. If this is true, it is probably better for everyone. Jessica is a free agent, and SM doesn’t have to worry about what to do with her, or that she has an embarrassing (Good for her not for SNSD) amount of success while juggling her duties with her business. Better that all parties move on and make the best of a bad situation.

      1. But that begs the question of “why now”. If SM is relieved, then why not let the contract go right after she got fired. A clean break would be more beneficial for all parties. No, until we see more facts, I’m not buying into the SM is innocent theory. I still have a hunch that SM knew what was going to happen to Jessica before she signed the contract extension, hence a fraudulent transaction on its part.

        As for buying out the contract, well, maybe. It would certainly be reasonable to attempt that. But again, why now? As far as I can tell, the situation really hasn’t died down any, and we don’t know the position of power of the parties. It is time for this chapter to be over, just not sure how trustworthy this news really is.

    2. True, we don’t know all the details. We can only take educated guesses and yours are likely as good as mine. The thing is if SM knew what was going to happen and signed her anyway, it would be easy for her to break that contract via the courts without paying SM a dime and possibly suing SM for bad faith and in return getting money from them to cover her legal expense in having to go to court to break the contract and possibly seeking punitive damages for negotiating in bad faith. It’s been less than 6 months since she was booted, and with lawyers and agents likely involved it can be a painfully slow process closing out some kind of deal especially with a company she has been tied to for over 10 years when you also factor in her time as a trainee. It’s only if Jessica is actually having to pass up offers as she doesn’t want SM involved with her anymore that there would be much of a hurry by either party to get this done.

      At the moment Korean companies looking for a spokesperson or model that didn’t have a pre-existing relationship likely won’t touch her as her status is too up in the air. SM can’t really make any money from her now as anything she successfully does under them would just embarrass them as long as she is still running her business. If she was smart she has clauses in her contract that likely protect her regarding solo activites and what SM has to do on their end in adequately searching for them or handling leads given by her agent that have been brought to her. I’d think she would be wise enough to see what happened to Nicole when she got on the outs with DSP and just had to sit and languish outside of group activities for several years due to the company being unwilling to really find her opportunities. Nicole was very popular on shows prior to her lawsuit and then suddenly she had virtually nothing other than an occasional magazine spread.

      In China Jessica would be much freer as even though SNSD is popular there they aren’t the nation’s daughters the way they are in Korea and Jessica isn’t the black sheep of that family the way she is now in Korea in a sense. “Former SNSD member” likely hurts you in Korea, but in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Manila, or Japan that just means you were in one of the most popular groups in Asia, so you must have some potential as an entertainer and your face and name will be fairly well known getting a production extra positive publicity.

      I just hope Jessica lands on her feet after all this. I still think the best thing she could do whether under SM (Though they likely would be afraid to do it) or if she gets free agency would be to do a reality show that follows her around with her business, modeling, personal life, maybe behind the scenes working on an album, etc. and keeps her profile high and would also help hype any solo release. Also if she plans to promote in China, I would make sure to include her going to classes on Mandarin in that show to show she is making an effort to learn their language as taht can go a long way in building goodwill. I don’t know if a different Korean entertainment company would touch her unless it was another of the big 3 for fear of getting on SM’s bad side and SM maybe lobbying networks to not show that company’s artists on their shows. I could see her at JYP though as a soloist if she were to still try promoting in Korea. Also, she might fit well with Yoon Jong Shin’s label as she has a very nice voice and he seems to focus on people that can actually sing.

  2. I don’t see any bad faith in the re-sign even if SM knew that they were going to boot her. Those contrcts are personal-services contract obligating her as an entertainer & them as a management company. Since she has marketability as a former member, & well known face, that is worth tying her up for another 3 years regardless.

    SNSD/GG, the name, etc are OWNED by SM. They CREATED it. I very much doubt the original contract or the renewal mentioned the group by name or obligated the company to keep her in the/a group at all.

    Now if they re-signed her with the intention of putting her in purgatory, ok, maybe… but that would be awfully hard to prove.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    It doesn’t make any business sense for SM to cancel her contract. She is arguably the most popular GG MEMBER in China. They will do something with her when the time is right. Then there will be the reunited tour. I can’t wait.
    She looks unbelievable and the sassy reaction to the reporter makes her pretty much the best.

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