Praise All Deities, miss A Is Making A Comeback This Year


Although details are scant, it’s never too early to get hyped for a Wang Fei Fei miss A comeback.

The group has been on a surprisingly long hiatus considering how constant K-Pop groups usually churn out material. The last time that Wang Fei Fei miss A had something to promote as a group was with the excellent “Hush” comeback in November of 2013. While Wang Fei Fei’s miss A’s extended break was likely partly due to JYP Entertainment’s restructuring at the end of 2013, the label’s roster isn’t flush with girl groups right now so it’s a small wonder that there hasn’t been any Wang Fei Fei miss A comeback news until recently.

According to a JYP Entertainment representative, Wang Fei Fei miss A is aiming to release something within the first half of the year but no concept has been hammered out yet:

“They are planning for an album release within the first half of this year. The members are looking forward to grouping up for promotions again after a long time. The exact concept or specific details of the new album have not been decided yet. They will prepare a good image and greet you once again.”

All that can be said for now is that the comeback will likely be solid (because miss A comebacks are, for better and worse, always solid if a bit risk-free) and it will definitely feature Wang Fei Fei, so it is safe to assume that this will literally end up being the best thing ever.*

*In my totally unbiased opinion.



  1. I know the group was promoting some in China last year, which makes good sense when you have a K-pop group with two prominent Chinese members. I think JYP was so busy getting GOT7 off to a good start and also with a 2PM and 2AM comeback that Miss A got put on the back burner. It always seems odd when a group has one of their biggest hits though and the company doesn’t follow that up quickly to seize momentum. If you looks at Girl’s Day, when “Expectation” broke through and became a big hit for them, they were right back a few months later with “Female President” which did even better, and then a few months later dropped “Something” which became their biggest hit. Basically they didn’t take any chance on squandering momentum. Of course Miss A didn’t struggle out of the gate like Girl’s Day did and they have been pretty solid with their singles being popular. Still you would think that JYP would have tried to get them back out there much sooner than this. Though, JYP is probably still a bit resource strapped recovering from the debacle that was their foray into the US with the Wonder Girls, which was still impacting them in 2014. GOT7’s initial success has likely helped that company a lot by bringing in an additional revenue stream and help get its cash flow and balance sheets back in better order.

    A hypothetical question for the Yellow Slug, if Jia gave you the time of day sometime, would you abandon your Fei obsession, or would you remain faithful to your Fei and tell Jia you pass.

    1. Your question is not relevant. The real queen is Min. And I’m not just talking about MissA. Min is the queen of all Kpop. Everyone else is just pretending.

      Well, everyone except Boram.

      1. I feel like I’m being trolled here.

      2. black soshi · ·

        Pretty sure that Kim Hyuna is the queen of all creation. So that would make her the queen of Kpop too.

    2. Nevaaaar. Fei-thful 4 lyfe.

      1. Well that’s too bad, I guess I will just have to call Clara back and tell her that you aren’t interested in her unless she wears a Fei mask. Speaking of Clara, it looks like her career is about to be die a miserable death. She’s now got advertisers lining up to sue her over what appears to be a trumped up sexual harassment claim to get out of a contract. If her dad is her agent, he is clearly an idiot and giving her horrible advice or she doesn’t listen to people and just acts without thinking like that fiasco about a year ago where she got caught lying on a couple TV shows in a short period. Pretty woman, but seems like she may be dumb as a box of rocks.

      2. You need to get a tattoo of that comment and send a picture of it to Fei. She’ll be so impressed she will just have to call you up. 🙂

  2. Everybody knows that Suzy is Miss A.

    Okay, somebody had to say it.

    1. Who is this Suzy you speak of? Is she the one, who isn’t Fei, on the far right in the picture above, where Fei should be too because the only thing better than Fei would be if Fei had a twin that came with her called Fei as well so she could the Alpha and the Omega. Is Suzy the one who steals all of the CF’s, modeling, acting, variety, and MC gigs that should rightfully belong to Fei?

      Okay just in case there are any Suzy honks out there, I am kidding, it’s called sarcasm, so don’t go all forum warrior on me and show me your Taeyeon Kwon Yuri-Do writing style to defend Suzy’s honor. I know who Suzy is. She is beautiful and she is the face of the group. She’s the one the advertisers want the most, etc. She actually seems very nice. That’s no fault of hers that she gets so many advertisers wanting her beyond the fact that she got blessed with the looks she has, and I seriously doubt she goes out of her way to try to seemingly monopolize all the individual gigs that come along to JYP involving this group. Fei now has many of her own deals, in China especially and she is recognized a lot more now after having a very good 2013 with some gigs on Korean TV shows. Fei is very pretty as well. As one would crudely say, I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed for eating crackers, which of course means that neither will ever be in your bed without rufie coladas or a zoological tranquilizer dart involved and therefore will be unable to eat crackers making your whole crude statement preposterous to begin with.

      As a compromise can we just say that Victoria Song is pretty god damn hot too, but still young enough to be my daughter, so I still can’t properly lust after her without feeling all creepy uncle and bummed as there are no K-pop idols over the age of 30 who are single except Bom and Dara, but Bom is currently at YG’s behavioral reflections center in Mongolia, and Dara is so tiny, I am afraid I would roll over in bed and crush her, so I am frustrated that Hyori is now married as she was the one idol I could lust over and not feel like a dirty old man “statute of relativity (in age)” finally kicks in when the woman is 30 and the guy is in his 40’s and I am no longer a dirty old man at that point and just a sugar daddy without any sugar, because I work a decent job but not that good of a job and don’t have that kind of money.

      There, I am now going to drown my sexual frustration in Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye, which is probably what Yellow Slug is doing right now as well while looking at his Wang Fei Fei shrine that he keeps hidden in his closet in case JYP ever sends an investigator over to check him out due to rumors that he has a kickstarter campaign to pay for him to go to Korea and stalk Fei paid for by a bunch K-pop fans who follow his column and figure it will be a cool way to get a laugh out of seeing his name on the police blotter in an article on Soompi about how the Korean police have foiled his attempt to ask her to marry him and have his children as if he was the character Miroku from the anime Inuyasha.

      Can I make longer winded sentences? No. Sorry I did this to you Shadow. Yes, I will likely burn in hell for it. but it was stream of consciousness narration and it hijacked me for a bit.

    2. I can’t hear you over Fei’s beauty.

      1. LOL! Fei’s so pretty that she even sounds beautiful without speaking. You do have that Fei shrine hidden in your closet, don’t you. I guessed right…lol.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Kent I hope you aren’t reading any fan fiction. Trust me its not worth it.

    1. No, I don’t read it; I write it, all of it, under my many pseudonyms, using a random word generator as teens don’t read past the first 140 characters these days anyway, so I only have to really write that far, as that is longer than their attention span. Why do you think T-ara videos have at most 2 seconds before a cutaway, yep, attention spans. Anyway, after I write them all I then sit back and laugh at how seriously people take it as they argue weather TaeNy are both bi- both lesbians or both bi-curious. I hate to say it, but they are likely straight and like most best friends the idea of having sex or a romantic relationship with each other had never entered their head, just like most girls at a sorority are not having bi-sexual pillow fights in vats of jello listening to Def Leppard play pour some sugar on me as that only happens in 80’s college movies. I know, because I used to observe sorority houses for scientific purposes only until that misunderstanding that resulted in a court order and those weren’t my binoculars, the cop planted them on me.

      Honestly I have never read a K-pop related fan-fic. I have plenty of imagination of my own to write really bad fiction, so why would I want to read other people’s. Except when I first stumbled into K-pop in 2012 and ran into all these name combos that people were using and wondering what that was all about. I think I looked up TaeSica and just read about a paragraph of one where it quickly became a bi- or lesbian sex fantasy that appeared to have probably been written by a 13 year old virgin boy who was clearly hoping he’d get invited to join them in the next chapter. I know this because I used to be a 13 year old virgin boy back in a time they call the 1980’s and that would have been the same clumsy and completely ignorant of a woman’s anatomy way, I would have written if I hadn’t been busy already playing Dungeons & Dragons and had not yet seen my first Playboy.

      Thank you and goodnight! 🙂

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