Review: 4Minute – “Cold Rain” Is As Dreary As The Song’s Title Would Suggest


This review will be shorter than my usual reviews because there’s honestly not a whole lot to critique in 4Minute’s “Cold Rain” music video.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see 4Minute go in a different direction in their latest music video (which, to be fair, is a “pre-release” music video).  While the group is mainly known for high-octane and heavily EDM beats, “Cold Rain” goes in the complete opposite direction with a rather traditional ballad.

On the negative side, there’s nothing interesting going on here.

From a production standpoint, there’s not a lot to do with a pop ballad. It is why they’re often the filler of K-Pop albums – they tend to blend together into a sea of overwrought strings, piano keys and delicate falsettos. Such pop ballads are usually elevated through outstanding vocal work and smart insertions of blistering rap breaks to keep things interesting. Davichi and T-ara’s “We Were In Love” is great at this.

Unfortunately, “Cold Rain” doesn’t quite reach those heights. The group has some fine vocalists, especially Gayoon and Jiyoon, but the song doesn’t really allow them to show off their chops. The song’s hook of “du-du-du” is a bit lifeless and “Cold Rain” quickly loses steam as a result. It doesn’t help that the raps by Hyuna and Sohyun, while competent, don’t provide much contrast to the forlorn styling of the sung vocalists. Everything is voiced in a soft manner and the lack of variation makes the song seem longer than it’s three and a half minute running time would suggest.

The video is similarly (and seemingly purposefully) dull. Ballad music videos can work but they usually need a story to accompany them because a dance-in-a-box concept is often not an option.

Again, here’s an example by Davichi because they rock:

In contrast, “Cold Rain” has 4Minute stand around and stare at the camera (when its feeling adventurous, the video will feature a member staring slightly off-camera or have them walk a hallway). The editing tries to jazz things up through lens flares seemingly inspired by J.J. Abrams and blue filters right out of The Bourne Identity. Those decisions help lend a chilly atmosphere to “Cold Rain” and it does lead to some nice still shots but when that’s ALL the music video has going for it, it also makes the music video function like a moving photo book and little more. Not even Hyuna can change that here.

This entire video in gif form.

This entire video in gif form.

The title of 4Minute’s next project (of which “Cold Rain” is a part of) is called ‘REVAMPED’ so “Cold Rain” should be viewed more as an appetizer than an entree. Still, as a pre-release, “Cold Rain” doesn’t quite work at building hype for 4Minute’s main release in February.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    They look great, so that’s good, and Jiyoon rules. Need some funky 4Minute please.

  2. Please bring back techno pop 4Minute. I hope this pre-release means they will rock out to the same set as what T-ara did with ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘Do You Know Me’. Fan of Jiyoon but not her outfit here.

    Speaking of Davichi doing wonderful ballads while keeping the MV interesting.

    1. That was a wonderful video by Davichi. Once I saw the lyrics translation it was even better.

      I see what you mean about Jiyoon, she looks like an Argentine gaucho in that outfit.

      I really miss 4Minutes “Volume Up” and older material. There recent releases since Volume Up really haven’t been as good or fun in my opinion. I hope the follow-up single to this is better.

  3. Another example of Davichi. I love this song so much

  4. Gril is the best

  5. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed by this song as well. Seeing the teaser, I thought the melody would be a perfect setup for a belting performance by Jiyoon and Gayoon and a killer rap but Hyuna and Sohyun plus some angelic vocals from Jihyun……..but in the end it was okay I guess. I applaud them for trying something like this though. I cracked up for your comment on your Hyuna gif XD
    I agree with you about regarding this as an appetizer. I think their album/mini-album will have some killer songs on it.
    Keep up the good work man

    1. Thanks! I’ll certainly try.

  6. I personally loved it. Better then their last few tracks.

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