Yuri Announces That SNSD Will Be Making A Comeback At Some Point This Year


Although there is hardly a set season (let alone a date) for a comeback, it appears that SNSD will be making a new album at some point in 2015.

Yuri spilled the beans at a press conference for the upcoming variety show ‘Animals.’ The group sounds like its not in a rush to release something anytime soon.

“We’re slowly preparing a Girls’ Generation album. Definitely by the end of this year. We’re working hard to show you all a more mature side. Look forward to it.”

The 2015 comeback should be notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, SNSD has shown a grudging willingness to try new sounds over their past couple of comebacks which is a trend which will hopefully continue this year. “I Got a Boy” was, if nothing else, interesting and “Mr. Mr.” was pretty fantastic. It will be intriguing to see how the group’s identity grows as it is still trying to shift from their “impossible porcelain princesses of pretty” image which they crystallized in 2009-10 to something more, to use Yuri’s words, mature.

Secondly, while it likely won’t factor into whatever creative direction SNSD chooses, this will also be the first SNSD comeback since Jessica Jung was ousted from the group. If nothing else, the comeback will provide endless amusement for every perceived slight or reference that the song makes towards that fact.




  1. I’m missing something here. We learned that SNSD was going to do another album during Jessicagate. Why is this an announcement?

    Anyway, It makes sense they’re not in any rush now with Sica gone, and TTS busy with promotions.

    1. SM and the group I don’t think ever officially confirmed a coming album. I think those were “insider” media reports regarding Jessica planning to stick around for an album that was due out in the late 2nd quarter of this year and that she announced that to the group which was a factor in her ouster as she had supposedly already mentally checked out or checking out on the group. I think this may be the first official word they are working on an album.

      You are right in that this is a bit silly announcing a release date of sometime this year is about as vague as you can get and could easily mean sometime in 2016 if it isn’t ready yet. Everyone knows they are working on a future album. That’s no surprise. They have three years left on their contracts. Of course they are going to be working on a new album among their other schedules.

      SNSD will have more riding on this album than they ever have with Jessica’s ouster and their last album and single not doing as well as prior efforts. They really have to come out with a very strong lead single and an album that isn’t mostly filler besides the single. A weak effort and there will be a lot of sniping that they miss Jessica musically (Even though she has little if any contribution to the production just like the rest of the members), or that SNSD and SM have lost their edge and are coasting to the end of their contract hoping fans will buy in numbers just because they loved the group. Even if it means bringing in out of house talent, which would be exceptionally rare for SM, they need to put a max effort into this album or the results will not be good.

      You know one interesting factor in this is that if this album was originally planned for the end of the 2nd quarter of 2015 and has now slipped to the end of the year, based on Yuri’s statement, is that a way of making sure to block Jessica from doing anything with SM musically for longer as SM likely won’t release anything with Jessica as a soloist or in combination with her sister until after SNSD drops an album and SM sees the results and whether they now have a potentially embarrassing situation where Jessica might outperform SNSD. It does seem a bit fishy.

      Now there could be a longshot reason the album’s release date is pushed so far out seemingly. Perhaps there is a feeling that Jessica and the group might bury the hatchet especially if Jessica’s dalliance with fashion isn’t going so well. I don’t know if her scarves sold well during the holidays or not. If they didn’t and she is thinking of shelving that for a later date, a year might give her enough time to get out of some contracts or let some deals expire on their own without penalties. As I said it is a longshot, but at the same time Jessica has been pretty quiet in regards to bashing the group or SM.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see how this year plays out for the group and Jessica.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    The vocal line will be strongly lacking in character and overall perfection. I’ll still support, but I don’t like it. At least not right now.

    1. Yes, it will be weird for them to do a release without Jessica. Maybe that is why the date is seemingly pushed back from what was hinted at in articles. Let’s hope that maybe there is some peacemaking going on behind the scenes and that with some time, Jessica can work her way out of some business deals that she could not on short notice last year, or that maybe she’s struggling more than she expected and realizing she wasn’t prepared for such a business venture yet. Let’s hope we see an article in the coming months that Tyler Kwon is not being seen around Jessica anymore and seems to be chasing a new sugar mommy to finance his lifestyle. That would be a good sign that maybe there is a shot at reconciliation.

  3. Just don’t see a reconcillation or a re-union anytime soon, period. Too embarressing for SME.

    A few years after the contract expires, there will probably be a GG re-union concert (i.e., we need money) & Sica will be the ‘surprise’ guest. Or something along those lines.

  4. On the Jessica reconciliation, pretty sure she’s done with SNSD if not SM once her contract is up. Last I checked the pop-up stores for B&E did well enough, and the pop-up store in Malaysia did well enough for it to become a permanent location.

    Her fragrance is apparently coming out this year, and hopefully will be cheap enough for most of her fans to afford.

    The whole thing could still fall apart, but the initial launch seems to have been okay financially. While I doubt it was a runaway success, if it fails it’ll probably fail later rather than sooner…by which I mean closer to SNSD’s 2017 expiration date. With the exception of Yuri and Hyo who need the group more, seems like all the other girls are checked out anyway.

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