Rainbow Will Keep Up The Good Fight With February Comeback


After a hiatus of one year and seven months during which they weren’t exactly missed, Rainbow will be making a comeback.

It will be the group’s first release since Rainbow Syndrome Part 1 and Part 2 back in 2013 (if you forgot all about the Rainbow BLAXX which debuted in 2014, that’s understandable).

DSP Media recently released the above picture of Woori, Jisook and Hyunyoung holding up a sign saying “Rainbow Finally Comeback” to announce Rainbow’s impending release which is expected in February.

Because nothing says, “We’re totally still trying” like a comeback announcement which amounts to a picture of three members holding a hand drawn sign that looks like it was hastily taken during a magazine photoshoot.

Still, there are reasons to remain cautiously optimistic about a Rainbow comeback. Despite the fact that Rainbow’s last two music videos (“Tell Me Tell Me” and “Sunshine“) were straight-up mediocre, the album that each was a part of (Rainbow Syndrome Part 1 and Rainbow Syndrome Part 2) were absolutely amazing. Add in the fact that Rainbow has Jaekyung, Woori and Hyunyoung and there’s plenty to look forward to in February.

Hopefully, this time Rainbow will actually choose one of their stronger tracks to promote because the group has put out some really quality music despite their stagnating popularity.



  1. I’m ready for these girls to return. Their a decent group.

    And I didn’t forget about Rainbow Blaxx. “Cha Cha” is a good song.

    1. Decent is a good way to describe Rainbow. I just look at the roster and have a hard time believing that “decent” is all they’ve got.

      1. I agree. The curvaciousness and talent is there, but the company seems to be the hindrance.

  2. I know you will disagree but I thought “Tell Me Tell Me” & “Sunshine” were actually rather enjoyable pieces as far as K-Pop tunes go. My problem was more with these fairly grown women acting all cute and stuff on the MV. I hope they go back to more of an image consistent with “A”.
    Also, Woori looks hot.

    1. I really didn’t like how non-substantially cutesy they were haha. “A” is pop crack and yes, Woori is always fire.

      1. Actually I’d put those three in the pic up against any three in any other band as far as hotness goes. Yeah, that’s right.

    2. I agree that I enjoyed those two songs and Sunshine actually got them into the finals on a few music shows. The sad thing is that after that DSP seems to have become so pre-occupied with Kara’s pending loss of two members that they forgot entirely about Rainbow and let momentum slip away. I compare this to how when Girl’s Day finally brokethrough with Expectation, their agency did not take their foot off the throttle until they were comfortable the group had solidified their position. You see the same from Starship with Sistar. Starship takes no chances with not keeping Sistar out there with either a single from the group itself, the subunit, a solo piece, or duets. Plus with both Sistar and Girl’s Day they seem to get that you must have members on broadcast variety shows or regular MC gig’s to help keep the group’s name out there. I think DSP just got really lucky that Kara caught the fancy of Japanese fans. I don’t see DSP as a company capable of strategic thinking or they wouldn’t have let that situation with Jiyoung and Nicole get to the point it did and they wouldn’t let a group languish for over a year and a half, which is an eternity in K-pop. Only groups that are already at the very top like 2NE1 or SNSD can go a year or more without dropping an album and not lose fans to other acts. Also when you have a group that is having success like Kara you don’t piss off two of the five members so much that first they sue over compensation and then when they do withdraw the suit, you don’t mend fences but rather appear to punish them. It’s a textbook way to lose those members when their contracts are up, but maybe DSP figured that would save them their two much bigger salaries as they could bring in a single new girl to fill the roster back out and pay her much less probably than the other members under a rookie contract. Short-sighted company it seems to me.

      1. Nope, no thesis. I was an accounting major in college and perhaps the business side of K-pop and the management of acts interest me more than some people, so I try to read up on such things to understand why some management just sucks and other’s succeed. Also, I find it an interesting business model where you have what are primarily musical acts that really don’t make the majority of their money from music, but instead make most of their money from everything but music. I’m probably old for a K-pop fan too so maybe that explains why I have a tendency to not write in short posts. I’m 46.

  3. Can’t read Korean but I can only assume those girls have escaped the company dungeon and are hitch-hiking their way to a better future.

    1. They ought to hitch a ride over to Starship. If you are going to play second fiddle to another group at least go to a company that will find a way to use you and will find you lots of individual side gigs. I suspect Starship will have a new girl group coming late this year or sometime next year just as they are about to add a boy band through a show now. Let’s just hope that DSP finds them some good songs and this group can actually emerge from Kara’s shadow and have some good success of their own. I will say there are just too many groups all over K-pop right now for the market size. Even with Hyuna 4Minute has a hard time getting enough attention to solidly break into the top tier of girl groups. APink, Girl’s Day, and AOA all seemingly passed them by. F(x) is up there in a blocking position too now even after Sulli-gate or whatever it was that torpedoed their last promotion prematurely. 2NE1, Kara, SNSD, and Sistar aren’t retiring anytime soon, so that doesn’t leave a lot of gigs for other groups and their members. There are only so many side gigs and a declining number of young people in Korea to drive music sales and advertiser dollars.

      1. I do worry about Rainbow, been around a while and not much success. Jaekyung is a goddess but never seems to become and It Girl. I guess its lucky they’ve lasted this long.

  4. Well, from the bad opinion I’ve got of DSP, it should not be a surprise if they give them this comeback as a last comeback before burning them for good. >_<
    Only a miracle n°1 (like the nonsense viral exid comeback) should save them.

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