GLAM Has Disbanded And Everything Sucks


glam group shot

In news which is depressing, if entirely expected, Big Hit Entertainment has announced that GLAM has been disbanded after being in the K-Pop business for three years.

The news broke shortly after GLAM member Dahee was sentenced to one year in prison for being really stupid and trying to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun (I guess that the trove of apology letters which Dahee wrote didn’t work).

While the group’s contract was up towards the end of last year, Dahee’s clusterfuck of a scandal likely played a role in the group’s demise.

“GLAM’s contract with their agencies Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music expired towards the end of last year… The members decided to go their separate ways.” Another rep told the media outlet, “It’s likely that Dahee’s incident had something to do with their disbandment… It would’ve made it difficult for the group to continue with their promotions.”

Big Hit Entertainment confirmed the reports.

“GLAM’s contracts recent expired and the team was disbanded,” the agency revealed on the 15th.

Although Big Hit Entertainment reportedly had a couple of GLAM’s members under contract, they agreed to release them from their contractual obligations after the members requested it.

While this was expected, it still sucks. Although they never reached super-stardom (or even stardom), GLAM’s three promoted singles were all pretty damn great; different in look and tone but with a booming polish which was very exhilarating to hear. “Party XXO” was as great a debut effort as I’ve heard in K-Pop.

Then they followed that up with “I Like That” which took the loud fun of “Party XXO” and added a tongue-and-cheek hard-edge to it. The brazenly contrasting beats ended up being a huge success. It all added up to a schizophrenic experience that was somewhat miraculously enjoyable.

The group went in a completely different direction with their third music video, “I Like That.” The trot beat was unlike anything which GLAM had done before but the group’s familiar uses of booming choruses and energetic production kept things familiarly GLAM. The release showed that GLAM could take on other concepts without missing a beat and it would have been exciting to see where the group was headed if Dahee hadn’t decided to go all amateur-hour criminal on everyone.

Hopefully,  the remaining three ex-members of GLAM will find new K-Pop homes elsewhere. Jiyeon is a fairly average K-Pop performer but Miso definitely has some potential (unfortunately, Dahee probably had the best voice in the group). As for Zinni, she should get picked up by someone if there is justice in this cold, bleak world. A b-girl who can rap and sing while looking flawless? That should be a no-brainer.

(Bonus Wassup Nari’s sighting)

I support any and all #JusticeForZinni campaigns.



  1. So what exactly was the company waiting on by announcing the group disbanding now? The timing is just funny.

    I guess, there is a silver lining to this whole situation. I never heard of this group until the blackmailing, and don’t know the members. So if they get picked up by other groups, I won’t associate them with GLAM or the scandal. It will be as if they just debuted.

  2. Think about the group that could be formed by putting together all of the girls that no longer have a group since this time last year.

    Someone should get on this.

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